Changlot Real Olive

The Changlot Real olive tree, is a olive variety native to the Valencian Community and of unknown origin. The area of olive grove Changlot Real, is just 5,000 hectares, having a low presence in Spain. Changlot Real is grown mainly in Alicante, although small plantations can also be found in Valencia, Jaén and Córdoba.

Royal Changlot Olive, olive cluster, Changlot Royal olive, Changlot Real olive

Curiosities: Royal Changlot receives that name for the curious way of fruiting (olives form small clusters). The meaning of the word Changlot is”portion of bunch of grapes“. On the other hand, the variety is relatively recent, its cultivation began in Alicante during the beginning of the last century.

Names or synonyms: The Changlot Real olive tree is also known by several names: Changlot, Royal, Sweet, Changló, Changló Real, Chancló, Chancló Real and Changlotera.

Characteristics of the Changlot Real Olive Tree

The Changlot Real olive tree, despite its limited size, has several interesting characteristics for oil production.

Productivity: the variety of Royal Changlot olive, is precocious and high production.

Regularity of bearing: the variety of Olive Changlot Real is irregularly produced (vecera ).

Flowering: the olive Changlot Real has medium flowering, fruiting usually occurs in the form of small clusters.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: the olive variety Changlot Real has vigor medium and open bearing.

Leaf: the Changlot Real olive tree has the leaf of shape elliptical-lanceolate and medium size.

Diseases: Changlot Real is resistant to olive fly and sensitive to olive knot. It adapts well to unfavorable soils for other varieties. In addition, it endures drought well, cold. In general it has a good behavior against diseases and pests of the olive tree.

Multiplication: The Changlot Real olive tree has good rooting capacity.

Royal Changlot Olives, morphological characteristics

The Changlot Real olives, are grown mainly in Alicante and has interesting characteristics for the olive oil production.

Maturation: Changlot Real is maturing medium.

Size: The Changlot Real olive is half size (3- 4 grams).

Shape: Changlot Real has an oval shape and symmetric.

Skin color: Changlot Real olives, reaches maturity the black color.

Pulp: Changlot Real, is not used as a table olive (Manzanilla Cacereña, Hojiblanca, Gordal Sevillana…).

Peduncle: The Changlot Real olive variety has the peduncle of average length.

Yield: Changlot Real olive tree produces high yield olives (24 %).

Harvest: Royal Changlot olives have a high resistance to shedding.

Due to this, the collection with agricultural machinery is difficult and is the most limiting factor for the extension of the variety.

Uses: Changlot Real is used for the olive oil production.

Advantages: Adaptation of Changlot Real to difficult terrain, high productivity, high fat yield. Good behavior against pests and diseases.

Disadvantages: irregular production and collection difficulties.

Changlot Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Changlot Real olive tree produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil  (EVOO) of excellent quality and organoleptic characteristics. Extra Virgin Oil Changlot Real, Premium Oil 500ML

Taste: the Extra Virgin olive oil produced by the Changlot Real variety, has a medium spicy intensity, with a slightly bitter touch. The aroma is very fruity and can remind us of apple, tomato, plums, orange, almond, lemon, fennel, grapefruit, fig tree, grass fresh, banana green and peach.

Price: The Gourmet sector and the growing market of Extra Premium Virgin olive oils, make the price of the oil Changlot Real, shoot at 30 euros / liter.

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