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Olive cultivation, book, olive tree cultivation pdf, buy...Expanding knowledge about olive cultivation is a good way to increase the productivity of our olive grove. Although searching our website you can find a lot of useful information, it is not always possible to answer all the questions that arise when we are dedicated to the olive tree cultivation.

In the book Olive Growing, it is possible to find additional information on many interesting topics published on our website.

Chapters of the book abaut olive tree cultivation

Some of the chapters of the book the olive tree cultivation, deepen in subjects that we have treated in the web. Therefore, we attach links to these publications of interest.

1.- Olive growing in the world and in Spain. Where do you say olive and olive?

2.- Botany and morphology. Flowering olive tree.

3.- Varieties and patterns. Most profitable olive variety, types of olives, table olives, olives for oil

4.- Multiplication methods. Olive nurseries, Crown graft.

5.- Fructification and production. Regularity of bearing del olivo, olive tree care

6.- Maturation.

7.- Climate. Influence of climate in the olive tree.

8.- Ground.

9- Planting systems. Planting costs of the super high density olive orchard.

10.- Soil management systems. Benefits of using glyphosate.

11.- Fertilization. Which fertilizer is better for the olive tree?

12.- Irrigation.

13.- Fertirrigation.

14.- Pruning. How to prune olive trees?

15.- Mechanization. Olive harvesters and vibrators.

16.- Pests. Olive fly, Prays, Black olive scale, Barrenillo, Milkweed

17.- Diseases. Olive pests and diseases: Repilo, Anthracnose..

18.- Preparation of virgin olive oil. Types of olive oil.

19.- The quality of olive oil.

EVOO, Picual olive oil, Hojiblanca, Arbequina.

20.- Elaboration of table olives. How to remove bitterness from olives? Hojiblanca Olive, Camomile, Gordal Sevillana

21.- Economy of olive oil. Factors influencing the price of olive oil.

In addition, there are other chapters that we can find in previous editions: Olive oil in human diet and health. Olive oil for weight loss, Is it good to fry with olive oil?

History of the book “The olive tree cultivation”

The book the olive tree cultivation, has 7 editions published and has been in the market for more than 20 years. This book is really useful for farmers, industrial, technicians, students and others interested in growing this plant millenary Its authors (Diego Barranco Navero, Ricardo Fernández Escobar, Luis Rallo Romero), have made important changes since the first edition, due to the < strong>scientific and technical advances that have affected the olive cultivation. In addition, products authorized for pest control change frequently and need to be adapted.

Olive growing pdf

The cultivation of the olive tree pdf, buy bookCurrently first 5 chapters of olive cultivation can be seen for free in pdf. Although personally, I prefer to read the book in paper format, it is possible to buy the book in digital format (eBook).

Olive cultivation pdf book , with ebook available for download.


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