Sikitita olive tree

Sikitita olive tree, also known as Chiquitita, is a recently obtained varietal production. It is the first variety specifically selected for hedge grove plantations (super high density).

The variety is the result of research carried out through the olive breeding program initiated in 1991. The Córdoba University (UCO) and the Andalusian Institute of Research and Agrarian Formation (IFAPA) are the breeders of the variety of Sikitita olives.

Sikitita has been obtained thanks to the crossing of two excellent olive tree varieties. Picual (female parental) olives were pollinated with Arbequina (male parental).

On the one hand, it sought to obtain Arbequina its low vigor, productivity and good adaptation to super high density frames.

And on the other of Picual its high rusticity, productive capacity and excellent stability of its olive oil.

Comparison between Picual and Arbequina

Unfortunately, Sikitita olive oil is even less stable than that of Arbequina, becoming easily rooted.

After years of study in 2007, the variety began the registration process, which ended in Spain 2009 with the granting of the commercial variety registration.

Given the good characteristics provided by this variety, its patent has a global character. The Sikitita registry has been extended to the countries of the European Union, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, United States (known by Chiquitita), South Africa, Australia, Tunisia, Morocco and Turkey.

Curiosities: receives the name Sikitita due to the small size of the tree, which can be defined with the diminutive “Chiquitito“. The variety was initially called Chiquitita, however, the trade name had to be changed to Sikitita for registration purposes.

Characteristics of the Sikitita Olive Tree

Sikitita olive tree, aims to be the reference variety of the hedge grove worldwide.

Productivity: The Sikitita olive variety is of precocity precocious and of high production.

Regularity of bearing: The Sikitita olive variety has constant productions.

Flowering: Its time of flowering is average.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Sikitita is of very low vigor (70% Arberquina), open and weeping bearing and high density cup of glass. The low vigor is one of the main advantages of the Chiquitita olive tree compared to Arbequina.

Plantation framework: Sikitita plantations admit densities somewhat higher than 2,000 plants per hectare. Although, planting frames of 4 x 1.25 and 4 x 1.50 meters are well accepted.

Leaf: The Chiquitita olive class has the leaves of small size, shaped elliptic-lanceolate, short length and narrow width.

Diseases: The Sikitite olive tree is cold-drought resistant and moderately tolerant of olive Peacock spot. However, it is sensitive to the fungi of the Verticillium and anthracnosis.

Multiplication: The Sikitita olive tree has a good rooting ability.

Sikitita olive, morphological characteristics

Chiquitita or Sikitita Olive treeMaturation: the Sikitita olive is early maturation.

Harvest time is advanced one week compared to Arbequina.

Size: the Sikitita olive tree produces olives of medium size (2.7 grams).

Shape: The Sikitita olive is ovoidal and symmetrical, with an absent nipple

Skin color: when ripe, the Sikitita olive reaches the color black. It has many small and abundant lenticels.

Pulp: Contains easy to extract oil.

Yield: The Sikitita olive has a high yield. Studies consulted indicate a higher fat yield than other usual varieties in super high density plantations (Arbequina, Arbosana and Koroneiki).

Collection: Sikitita has high shear resistance.

Uses: Production goes to oil mill. Olive oil of very low stability is produced, and its mixing with other varieties is necessary.

Advantages: good adaptation to the olive grove in hedge, high productivity, the olive yield is high, Easy to extract oil.

Disadvantages: olive oil of poor stability, sensitive to diseases.

Extra Virgin Sikitita olive oil

The Extra Virgin Sikitita olive oil, is an oil of very good organoleptic characteristics. It is fruity and sweet with hints of bitter and spicy quite balanced.

Sikitita Extra Virgin olive oil, Sikitita evoo, Sikitita olive oilSensations: it has a intense aroma of green grass.

Properties: Sikitita olive oil, has the following approximate composition. Palmitic acid (17%), high percentage of linoleic acid (14%) and a low content of oleic acid (64%). The low content (lower than other varieties) of oleic acid makes the oil of poor stability.

Price: the extra virgin olive oil monovarietal Sikitita (extra-early collection), can be purchased in 500ml bottles at prices of € 54 / liter.

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