Black olive tree

Black olive tree, Variety of Black Olive from Sabiñan

Black olive tree is a native variety of Sabiñán (Zaragoza). Its cultivation area is small and it is located in the province of Zaragoza. The Black (Negral from Sabiñan) olive tree is highly prized for its sweetness, being used for black dressing and dry dressing with salt. It has a high fat content, an aspect that allows its use for the production of olive oil.

Curiosities: The name “Negral or Black” is due to the color of the olive when ripe, it receives the last name “from Sabiñán” for being its main cultivation area.

Names or synonyms: Sabiñán Negral olive tree is popularly known as Negral or Black.

Characteristics of the Black Olive Tree

The Sabiñán black olive tree is a rustic variety, with good general characteristics against diseases.

Productivity: Negralolive tree, is a little early and has a production average.

Regularity of bearing: Negral olive tree, reaches a regular olive production.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Negral has high vigor (similar to Frantoio) and erect bearing, the cup density is medium.

Leaf: Sabiñán Black olive tree leaf is medium size, with shape elliptical-lanceolate.

Diseases: The Black olive variety adapts well to dry, limestone soils. It has good cold tolerance and has medium sensitivity to repilo, tuberculosis and olive fly.

Multiplication: It has very low rooting capacity.

Black Olive, morphological characteristics

The Black olive, is mainly used for table, being especially appreciated in Zaragoza. Its use for oil must be accompanied by other varieties that provide greater stability.

Black Olives with salt dressingMaturation: The variety of Sabiñán Black olive tree is very early ripening.

Size: the olives produced by the Black olive are medium size (3.5 grams) .

Shape: Black olive tree have olives elliptical and slightly asymmetric.

Skin color: when ripe, the Black olives is black. With small and abundant lenticels.

Pulp: It has a medium pulp / bone ratio, its sweet taste, makes it considered good quality for consumption.

Yield: Black olive has olives of average yield in oil.

Collection: Negral has low resistance to shedding.

Uses: Black olive is suitable for dressing. It can be dressed in black or by salt drying.

Advantages: Well valued as a table olive. Good resistance to diseases.

Disadvantages: Not suitable for oil production.

Black olive oil

Black oil is even less stable than Arbequina. Therefore, it is difficult to find bottled Black olive oil.

Taste: In the tasting panel, the Extra Black Virgin Olive Oil, has an intense fruity artichoke and fig tree, with medium and spicy bitterness something more intense.

Properties: The low contained in oleic acid and polyphenols give you very low oxidation resistance

To be marketed, it needs to be mixed with other more stable varieties against oxidation (Picual, Cornicabra, Hojiblanca, Arróniz…).

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