Cornicabra olive oil

Cornicabra olive oil, Cornicabra extra virgin olive oil bottles 1, 2 and 5 litersCornicabra olive oil is extracted from olives of the variety of Cornicabra olive tree. It is the most characteristic olive oil in Castilla la Mancha where it is recognized by the DOP Montes de Toledo.

Curiosities: Cornicabra olives have a high resistance to detachment, an aspect that makes harvesting difficult and encourages olives to be collected late.

Characteristics of Cornicabra olive oil

There are important differences between early harvest Cornicabra olive oil and later ones. Fruity (aromas) and spicy taste is more intense in early harvested oils. Losing aroma and gaining sweetness the latest oils of the Cornicabra variety.

Another aspect that can modify the organoleptic characteristics of Cornicabra oil is the presence of pests or diseases. Tuberculosis, olive fly and anthracnose, must be carefully controlled if you want to get high quality olive oils.

Among the organoleptic characteristics of the EVOO Cornicabra highlights the aromas of green leaves, tomato and almond. In the more mature oils, it is possible to enjoy the presence of exotic fruits and avocado. Its flavor is bitter and spicy means, with a certain sweetness when it is harvested late.

As for the health, it should be noted that the Cornicabra oil is next to the Picual olive oil one of the of higher content in Oleocanthal (natural anticancer).

Cornicabra oil fatty acid composition

The percentage of fatty acids present in the Cornicabra olive oil, may vary according to the growing area, weather exposure, date of collection…

79-80% Acid Oleico. Very high

10% Acid Palmitic.

4-4.5% Acid Linoleic.

3% Acid Stearic.

0.6-0.7% Acid Linolenic (Omega 3)

Polyphenols: 400-500, high in antioxidants.

Stability: very high, 40 hours at 120ºC, somewhat higher than Manzanilla olive oil and lower than Picual.

Stability (hours at 98ºC): 107

Because of its high oleic acid content, Cornicabra olive oil is very resistant to oxidation.

Cornicabra olive oil What is it used for?

Cornicabra olive oil is recommended for the following uses:

Thanks to its high stability, Cornicabra oil, withstands the Fritters cycles well, being suitable for this purpose.

It is also very suitable to enhance the flavor of roasts of meat or fish.

It can be used in salads and toasts, although Arbequina oil, Hojiblanca and Manzanilla usually overcome it in qualities.

PDO with Cornicabra olive oil content

Cornicabra EVOO is protected by several protected designations of origin.

DOP Montes de Toledo

DOP Montes de ToledoThe PDO Montes de Toledo, includes 106 municipalities of Toledo and 22 of Ciudad Real. For the elaboration of the oil, only the variety of Cornicabra olives is admitted.

PDO Campo de Montiel

The PDOP Campo de Montiel is located in the province of Ciudad Real. The main cultivated varieties are Cornicabra and Picual, also admitting Chamomile, Arbequina and Local.

Spicy and bitter oils of medium-high intensity are obtained.

PDO Campo de Calatrava Oil

The PDO Campo de Calatrava is located in the central area of ​​the province of Ciudad Real. The main variety is Cornicabra, of which at least 80% is required, with Picual as a secondary variety. The oils obtained have a very high stability.

Cornicabra Extra Virgin olive oil price

Extra Virgin Cornicabra Olive Oil, Premium oils, 250 ml, 500ml and 1l glass bottleThe liter of Cornicabra EVOO, is in the following range of prices.

Currently (2018), the selling price of the oil Cornicabra is between 5 and € 7 for Extra Virgin quality. Premium olive oils of the Cornicabra variety can be purchased at prices of between € 12 and € 50 per liter.

List of websites where to buy olive oil online (Cornicabra, Picual, Picudo, Hojiblanca, Arbequina, Manzanilla Cacereña...)

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