Cipressino olive tree

Frangivento olive tree, also known by Cipressino due to its vertical bearing, is a recently spreading Italian Olive variety. Due to its dense and colorful foliage, it is the most cultivated and ornamental olive variety, being spread throughout the parks and gardens of many countries.

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In Italy, the variety has been used for centuries as a wind barrier, being traditionally poorly cultivated for oil production.

During the mid-twentieth century, it began to spread through the province of La Plugia (Palagiano), as windbreaks in front of the sea breeze. It is currently grown in Apulia and Sardinia for the production of oil, appreciated for its good quality.

Curiosities: The name”Frangivento”means”wind protection”in Italian.

Names or synonyms: The frangivento olive tree is also known as Cipresino, due to its vertical bearing and its ornamental function. In Italy the variety is also known as Olivo di Pietrafitta, for the initial cultivation area (Pietrafitta di Palagiano).

Characteristics of the Frangivento Olive Tree

The Frangivento olive tree is a variety that stands out for its high vigor and high resistance to the ring. At present it is considered a suitable variety for planting under the Siepone mode (olive grove formation in hedge, 3-5 meters high). In addition, its rapid growth allows fast recoveries after mechanized pruning.

Productivity: The Cipressino olive tree is precocious and has high yields.

Regularity of bearing: The Frangivento variety has a constant production of olives.

Flowering: The time of flowering of the olive treeis average. Frangivento is self-incompatible and has a high ovarian abortion (50-60%). It pollinates well with Moraiolo, Maurino, Frantoio and Leccino.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Cipressino has medium vigor and erect bearing, the density of the crown is high. It has rapid growth and recovers well from pruning.

Leaf: The frangivento olive tree leaf is of shape elliptical, elongated and of medium width.

Diseases: The Cipressino olive tree is very resistant to Repilo and is sensitive to the attack of the fly. His general behavior against other diseases is good. In Italy there are no symptoms of infection by the Xylella Fastidiosa bacteria.

Multiplication: Frangivento has good rooting ability.

Frangivento olive, morphological characteristics

The Frangivento olive variety, is used to obtain olive oil.

Frangivento Olive Variety (Cipressino)Maturation: The frangivento olive variety is medium ripening .

Size: Cipressino olives are small-medium size.

Shape: Cipressino olive tree produces olives ovoidal and symmetrically.

Skin color: when the Frangivento olive matures it becomes violet.

Yield: The Cipressino olive tree have olives medium-low yield (16%).

Collection: Cipressino has high resistance to shedding.

Uses: Frangivento olive is grown for oil production.

Advantages: produces quality oil, has good disease resistance and adapts to hedge cultivation (Seven).

Disadvantages: The olives yield is lower than other varieties.

Frangivento olive oil

Cipressino Olive Oil (Fragment)

Frangivento olive oil is fruity, bitter and slightly spicy.

It is considered a very good quality oil, with medium content of linoleic acid (8%, some sources give it 20%), high amount (74%) of oleic acid and high presence of polyphenols.

Price: It usually appears in Coupage, accompanied by other Italian olive oils, in Premium mixtures that can reach prices of € 60 / liter.

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