Morchiaio olive tree

The main area of ​​ cultivation of the Morchiaio olive tree, are the hills of Florence and the provinces of Pistoia and Livorno In Tuscany it is also widespread.

Variety of Morchiaio Olive, The high ovarian abortion of the variety (close to 80%) and its high pollen production, make its use more pollinating than productive.

Curiosities: The Morchiaio olive variety is usually found in ancient olive groves. Having an erect bearing allowed the use of the land between lines for other crops (vine, cereal…).

Names or synonyms: Morchiaio olive tree is also named as: Bozzolo, Colombino, Fecciaio, Felciaio, Propolo, Morcaio, Morchiolo, Morcarol, Maschio and Morchiaccio.

Characteristics of the Morchiaio Olive Tree

Morchiaio olive tree, is currently a variety of low interest for its unproductive characteristics.

Productivity: The Morchiaio variety, has low productivity.

Regularity of bearing: Despite its low productivity, the Morchiaio olive tree is not very regular (summer).

Flowering: Morchiaio olive is self-incompatible and flowering early. The pollen production is high and of quality, being used as a pollinator of other olive varieties. In Italy it is commonly used to pollinate varieties Moraiolo, Leccino, Ascolana Tenera and Arauco. Very high ovarian abortion (68-80%).

Vigor and bearing of the tree: the Morchiaio olive plant has low vigor and erect bearing.

Sheet: Morchiaio has sheets of shape elliptical-lanceolate and small size.

Diseases: The Morchiaio variety has good cold resistance and is sensitive to repilo.

Morchiaio olives, morphological characteristics

The low production of Morchiaio olives is used in the production of oil.

Maturation: the Morchiaio olive tree is of late maturation .

Size: Morchiaio olives are medium size.

Shape: Morchiaio produces olives with a ovoidal and slightly asymmetric shape.

Skin color: Upon reaching maturity, the Morchiaio olive has violet-black. On the other hand, their lenticels are small and not very visible.

Yield: Morchiaio olives have a low fat yield.

Uses: Morchiaio olive is destined for oil production.

Advantages: The Morchiaio olive tree has good pollinator capacity.

Disadvantages: low productivity.

Morchiaio Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

The  Morchiaio EVOO has a high amount of polyphenols and high percentage in oleic acid (76 %). Due to its low production, the existing information about its organoleptic characteristics is very limited.

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