Moraiolo olive tree

Moraiolo olive tree, branch with olivesMoraiolo olive tree is native to Italy where it is widespread and is appreciated for the excellent oil it produces.

With starting point the region of Tuscany, this olive variety is currently distributed by the different olive-growing regions of Italy.

It is said that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Moraiolo is among the best monovarietal oils produced in Italy (Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino…).

Curiosities: Moraiolo olive has some difficulty healing the wounds of pruning.

Names or synonyms: Due to its popularity and great dispersion, the Mariolo variety has a large number of synonyms: Morella, Morellino, Morello, Morinello, Morichiello, Morina, Muragliola, Anerina, Assisano, Bucino, Carboncella, Cimignolo, Corniolo, Fosco, Migno, Neriolo, Neraiolo, Nerina, Nerella, Nostrale, Ogliolo, Oliva Nera, Oliva Tonda, Oriolo, Petrosello, Ruzzolino, Tondello, Tondolina and Tondorina.

Characteristics of the Moraiolo Olive Tree

Moraiolo olive tree, has good productive characteristics and has an oil highly valued by consumers.

Productivity: the variety of Moraiolo olive, is early and high productive capacity .

Regularity of bearing: Moraiolo is a variety of regular productions (little summer).

Flowering: the Moraiolo olive is self-sterile and flowering medium. In Italy they are commonly used as pollinator varieties Morchiaio, Pendolino and Lazzero. It produces a high amount of olive pollen and can be used as a pollinator. Ovarian abortion is usually less than 20%.

Italian olive trees variety Moraiolo, Moraiolo olive tress

Vigor and bearing of the tree: It has a vigor medium-low and is erect. On the other hand, it has problems to heal wounds, being It is not advisable to perform aggressive pruning.

Sheet: Moraiolo has sheets of shape elliptical-lanceolate, with width and length of medium size.

Diseases: The rustic Moraiolo olive tree variety is considered and preferably by the mountain climate. Is susceptible to repilo, tuberculosis and bold. He does not like drought or excess moisture. The olives endure without breaking off the wind.

Multiplication: The Moraiolo olive plant has good rooting capacity.

Moraiolo olives, morphological characteristics

The Moraiolo olives are used for the production of oil, allowing to obtain oils of excellent quality and high commercial value.

Maturation: Moraiolo olive tree is ripe early, somewhat staggered .

Size: Moraiolo produce olives of medium-small size.

Shape: The Moraiolo olives are spherical and slightly asymmetric.

Skin color: Moraiolo olive, ripens with black- purple.


Yield: Olives Moraiolo have medium-high oil yield (20%).

Collection: Moraiolo olive tree has high resistance to detachment.

Uses: Moraiolo olives are used in the olive oil production.

Advantages: Moraiolo olive is precocious and productive and its oil is of very good quality.

Disadvantages: Disease sensitivity does not support pruning well (risk for mechanized pruning systems).

Moraiolo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Moraiolo is of very high quality and has differential characteristics that distinguish it as one of the best Italian olive oils.

Characteristics of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Moraiolo, tasting panel, Maraiolo EVOOTaste: Moraiolo EVOO is the most desired by lovers of fruity oils, in the mouth it is fluid with high intensity of bitter and spicy. The oil gives off aromas subtle to fresh grass, green almond and artichoke.

Properties: It has a high polyphenol content and is high in oleic acid (76%). It has a good preservation capacity and can maintain its organoleptic characteristics for several years.

Price: Moraiolo olive oil is marketed in Italy at prices of € 10 to € 60/liter.

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