Olive picking machine

Olive picking machine, electric olive harvester, electrical or pneumatic, hook vibratorsCurrently we can find olive picking machine of gasoline, electric or pneumatic. Olive harvesting machines have certain differences of prices, benefits, manageability and comfort.

The use of olive harvesting machine, electric olive harvester, olive tree shaker has helped to advance the harvest time and reduce harvest times.

We must take into account the variety of olives that we are going to collect to choose the olive harvesting machine or olive vareador that best suits our olive grove. Olive varieties such as Picual, Empeltre, Manzanilla Cacereña are of easy detachment. By contrast, Cornicabra, Blanqueta, Hojiblanca, Koroneiki, Arbosana, Verdial de Badajoz, Morisca, Royal de Cazorla or Picudo are varieties of hard to throw olives… If we have hard to throw varieties, it is advisable to use more powerful olive harvesting machinery. Professional farmers who cannot use trunk vibrators in their olive groves usually use powerful machines to increase the collection speed.

Thus, the olive picking machine with gasoline engines tend to be more powerful, heavy and compact. Generally speaking, their use means a greater physical effort, they are more prone to breakdowns and allow a faster collection speed.

Hook-like device olive picking machine

The hook-like device olive picking machine have evolved, reducing the weight and vibrations suffered by the operator of the initial models. Being currently more manageable and less tired to use. In return, they require support braking to hurry the olive trees well. Although there are some electric models, the gasoline ones due to their greater power and performance are the best sellers.

Best known hook olive tree shaker

STIHL V45 SP451 and SP 481

Vareador STIHL SP451, SP 481, olive and olive vibratorProbably the most used olive picking machine in the intensive and traditional olive grove. Its design means that the vibrations received by the user are considerably reduced.

The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is € 1,649 for the short wand SP 451. The SP 481 is priced at € 200 more expensive and the long rod costs € 30 more. Some workshops apply special offers and promotions with up to a 20-30% discount.

If we have the possibility, it is interesting to take the opportunity to buy the olive harvesting machine.

The difference between the hook olive tree shaker SP 451 and the SP 481 is the engine power and displacement, the SP 451 has 2.9 hp and the SP 481 3 hp.

The weight of the machine with the empty fuel tank is 12.8 kg to which the weight of the short bar 1.1 kg or 1.2 kg for the long bar must be added.

Campagnola GSM 60 olive harvesting machine

Hook vibrator Campagnola GSM 60This hook olive harvesting machine has a handle designed to reduce the vibrations received by the user.

Campagnola GSM 60 has a power of 2.8 hp, very similar to SP 451, although it has a larger displacement. It has a weight of 13.5 kg, however, the manufacturer does not specify whether the hook is included in the measurement.

You can buy this olive tree shaker for a price of around € 1,200.

Hook olive tree shaker, Cifarelli SC 800

Cifarelli SC 800 olives strainerLike the previous hook olives, the Cifarelli SC 800, for greater operator comfort, has an anti-vibration system. It stands out for providing a large number of vibrations per minute (2,000). It has a 2.5 hp engine and has a weight of 14.9 kg. In some areas of Andalusia it is the preferred olive tree shaker. Its sale price is about € 1,550.

Active Olivator olive tree vibrator

Active Olive VivatorsIt has a engine designed specifically for the olive tree vibrator. However, it does not include a system to reduce vibrations.

They make two models of great power:

OLIVATOR® VM60 52 cc of 3CV of power and 14kg. With a sale price of about 1,550 euros.

Active OLIVATOR® VM70 63 cc with 4.5 hp and 14.5kg. This has an approximate price of € 1,650.

The weight of the bar is not included.

Husqvarna TKH650x bearer

Husqvarna TKH650x olives harvesterEquipped with a 50’6cc Husqvarna X-Torq® engine, this olive harvesting machine stands out for its power of 3.1 hp. It has a weight of only 13kg, however, it does not have an anti-vibration system. The approximate price of this olive rake is 1,750 euros.

Comb beams

The gasoline olives rods have more power, allowing a higher speed of vareo. However, when potency is abused, wounds are conducive to the tuberculosis and you can get to break enough outbreaks if you are not careful.

On the other hand, electric comb straighteners have been widely accepted by small producers in recent campaigns. Its reduced price, ease of handling and low weight make it more comfortable and productive than a traditional wand. They are less powerful and some electric stranders, control the overexertion reducing mechanical breakdowns.

The most economical models have as inconvenience the need for cables and the displacement of batteries in cars, when several operators use combs or electric vareadores of this type it is necessary to pay attention to cables to prevent falls or trips.

The autonomy in many cases fails to withstand a full day and the daily battery charge is necessary, which is an extra effort at the end of the workday.

In addition, it is necessary to charge the batteries of the electric vareadores to avoid being damaged. Over time, the batteries end up deteriorating and replacement is necessary.

The pneumatic vareadores on the other hand, have the disadvantage of the need to transport a compressor and handle the compressed air hoses.

As a benefit, they are light, reliable and economical.

Main models of electric comb straighteners

Thanks to the wide range of machinery. At present it is possible to find cheap olive straws, increasingly used small farms. In the publication we will focus on publishing about the best-selling brands of vareadores in Spain (Pellenc, Sthil, Zanon…)

Pellenc Olivion electric olive harvester

Pellenc Olivion electric vibrating comb, olive rake, backpack battery, electric olive harvesterThe Pellenc Olivion electric olive harvester is one of the olive harvesting machines, most used by professionals in the sector. Pellenc was one of the first brands to enter the market for electric olive tree harvester. His years of experience have allowed him to build electric vareadores of easy handling and high performance.

  • Power: 380 W
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Cadence: 840 strokes per minute

Currently they have two models, the fixed-bar P230 of 2.3 meters and the telescopic T220-300 with an extendable handle with 2 to 3 meters.

The price of the T220-300 with 700 battery is around € 1,950.

The cost of the P230 with 700 battery is around € 1,650.

The backpack battery accounts for a large part of the price of the olive harvester.

Zanon electric olive harvester rake

Zanon Falcon 12 V Telescopic 450 Olives Telescopic 12 V Olivar Eletric 12 V Albatros F 33 V Karbonium Evo 33 V Karbonium Evo Telescopic Albatros Telescopic Karbonium RS Telescopic Murcielago R TelescopicZanon is probably the brand with the range broader olive stranders. With different designs, we can find from ergonomic and easy-to-use electric olive harvester to others that focus on improving the speed of harvesting olives and avoiding damaging olive trees.

These are the different models of electric olive harvester that Zanon has:

Falcon 12 V Telescopic, Ghost Telescopic 12 V, Olivar Eletric 12 V, Albatros F 33 V, Karbonium Evo 33 V, Karbonium Evo Telescopic, Albatros Telescopic, Karbonium RS Telescopic, Murcielago R Telescopic.

We can find models from € 450 without battery to 1,900 euros with 1200 lithium batteries.

I have had the opportunity to try Karbonium and Bat combs. The Karbonium comb is handled better and transmits less vibrations to the user than the Bat. For its part, the Bat damages the branches less and throws the olives a little better, but the asymmetrical movement of the comb causes many vibrations to be transmitted to the operator.

Olive shaker rake with gasoline engine

Sthil SP 92

Sthil petrol olive rake Sthil SP 92Light and sturdy, the Sthil SP 92 olive harvester has 1 horsepower and weighs only 5.4 kg. It hardly transmits vibrations to the user, who can use it for a full day, being a good substitute for the rod.

Like paste, the design of the comb I like less than that of the Zanon Karbonium, the comb does not close so much and olives can remain without beating in between. As a strength, it is very reliable and it is not necessary to grease the comb periodically.

The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is € 1,099.

Husqvarna 327P4

Husqvarna 327P4, chainsaw and chainsaw < a href =pole mowers of the Husqvarna brand are compatible with Zanon combs. This allows us to have a more versatile machine, which serves us for collection and other olive care.

With 1.2 hp they have more power than other gasoline vareadores and their weight is somewhat higher 6.1 kg.

It allows a faster collection speed, but you have to be more careful to avoid damaging the olive branches.

The PVP of the pole chainsaw is € 799.00, which should be added about € 300 of the comb. Husqvarna usually makes special offers that improve the recommended retail price.

Campagnola gasoline olive harvesters

The Italian manufacturer of agricultural machinery Campagnola has some very interesting professional gasoline harvesters in terms of price and performance. For its manufacture, they combine combs from the prestigious Campagnola brand with the efficient and reliable Kawasaki 2T gasoline engines.

Campagnola Alice

The Campagnola Alice is a gasoline olive harvester with a carbon fiber pole that offers great lightness and versatility for olive trees of different sizes. The comb is mounted on a 2-stroke gasoline engine, Kawasaki TJ27E weighing only 2.6 Kg and 1HP of power. The head has a modern design and has been optimized by Campagnola engineers to improve harvesting speed and reduce damage to the tree during olive harvesting.

Campagnola Icarus

At a cheaper price, we have the Campagnola Icarus with a telescopic pole made of aluminum and a lightweight Magnesium/Aluminum alloy chassis. Like the Alice model, the Icarus olive harvester has a 2 T Kawasaki TJ27E gasoline engine weighing only 2.6 kg and 770 w of power. The head has a more classic design and well-proven functionality, offering great resistance and durability.

Second-hand olive picking machine

There is currently a growing market of second-hand olive picking machine, we must demand from the seller the purchase invoice to avoid buying stolen machinery. You can find a bargain if you find someone who leaves the activity or does not take advantage of the vareador. Although there is always the risk that they will strain us agricultural machinery with little useful life.

What are the best olive harvesters?

The best olive rake will depend on our use, the state of the olive trees and the help we have during the olives collection.

The most suitable vareador to buy in case of having little help, is the comb vareador. Although to work well with him, we must lower the height of the olive trees and favor the presence of young and flexible branches.

As we have seen, there are electric olive and gasoline vareadores. Gasoline waders are more powerful and heavy, so depending on our work capacity it will be more convenient to use one or the other.

In medium and large size farms, it is better to use hook-like device olive harvesting machine. To help the hook vibrator, it is necessary to use fiber rods or olive shaker rake. Depending on the olive variety and the olive load, it will be better to use the wand or the wand. Vareadores are more necessary when the olive falls with difficulty and the olive tree is very loaded. In those cases the use of the wand is more tired and less effective than that of the wand.

Regarding the brand to choose, it also depends on the use we are going to give Stihl, Pellenc and Zanon are the most recognized. Although it is possible to find cheaper models from other manufacturers.

Although in the case of large farms, it is convenient to buy high-end olive straws. There is currently an important market of beach breeders that adapt to the needs of amateurs and small farmers.

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