Peranzana Olive tree

Peranzana olives, Peranzana olive treePeranzana olive tree is an Italian variety of little diffusion. Its area of ​​traditional influence is Apulia (Northeast of Foggia). Its characteristics are good for dressing and insufficient for oil production, although this is of good quality.

In Apulia, varieties such as Cipressino, Coratina or Carolea, are productively more interesting.

Names or synonyms: the Peranzana olive tree is also called: Provenzale, Francese, Provenzana and Tondina.

Characteristics of the Peranzana Olive Tree

Productivity: the Peranzana variety is of medium precocity and of medium-high production.

Regularity of bearing: their productions are alternate, veceras or not very regular.

Flowering: the variety of Peranzana olives, is partially self-compatible. On the other hand, the pollen has a very low fertility, being habitual to resort to 10% of plants of the Rotondella cultivar in the plantations.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Peranzana is of medium-low vigor, open bearing and medium thick crown.

Leaf: The leaf of the Peranzana olive variety is medium size and forms elliptical-lanceolate.

Peranzana olive, morphological characteristics

Maturation: Peranzana is a olive variety of late maturation.

Size: Peranzana olive produces olives of medium size (3 grams).

Shape: the Peranzana olive, is symmetric, of spherical shape. This type of shape is much appreciated for table olives.

Skin color: Peranzana olive, matures color violet. It has abundant lenticels and small size.

Pulp: With a sweet and balanced flavor, its quality is very good, being excellent for dressing in black, green, boneless or pate, with a high firmness. In addition, it retains its characteristics for a long time, managing to remain firm until 3 years preserved in brine.

Yield: The Peranzana olive tree produces olives of low yield (15% ) of oil.

Uses: suitable for both table olive and olive oil production. Monovarietal Peranzana extra virgin olive oil of very high quality is obtained.

Advantages: double aptitude, valued production.

Disadvantages: It is less productive than other varieties present in the area.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Peranzana

Bottle of oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil PeranzanaThe Extra Virgin Olive Oil Peranzana, is an interesting oil with a certain presence in the Italian market. It has a flavor with medium-low fruity, bitter and spicy values. Among the aromas to which it reminds us, the olive leaf, green grass and artichoke stand out, more subtly we can also find the tomato.

Properties: Peranzana olive oil is composed of a high percentage of linoleic acid (10%), medium of oleic acid (72%) and has a high availability of polyphenols (410).

Price: Within the Italian market, we can find several possibilities of purchase for monovarietal Peranzana olive oil, at prices between € 12.5 and € 70 / liter.

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