Lazzero olive tree

Lazzero olive tree, is native of the Cecina river valley (“Cecina fiume valley”), located in the province of Tuscany, between the regions of Livorno and Pisa.

Variety of Lazzero Olive, Lazzero olive treeThe olives are mainly used in the oil production, although they are also good for dressing.

Curiosities: the variety adapts well to multiple climatic environments and has high resistance to diseases.

Names or synonyms: It is also known by: Lazzera, Lazzera Reale, Lazzero Grosso, Lazzero Grosso, Lazzero Type, Lazzera.

Characteristics of Lazzero Olive Tree

The characteristics of Lazzero olive tree, make its olives suitable for the production of olive oil of excellent quality and can also be used as a table olive.

Productivity: The Lazzera olive tree, has high load capacity.

Regularity of bearing: Lazzera is a variety of medium regularity. It is important to avoid years of overload to maintain more or less regular productions.

Flowering: olive pollen Lazzero is self-incompatible. Olive varieties Morchiaio, Lastrino and Leccino. As a pollinator it can be used with the Maurino and Moraiolo. The ovarian abortion of Lazzera is medium-low (20-25%).

Vigor and bearing of the tree:  Lazzero olive tree plant is medium vigor and open or weeping bearing. The cup is thick.

Leaf: The leaves of the Lazzero tree are shaped elliptic-lanceolate and large size.

Diseases: Lazzero olive variety has good general resistance to diseases, withstanding especially cold and Repilo.

Multiplication: Rooting capacity is low, multiplying by grafting techniques.

Lazzero olives, morphological characteristics

The following characteristics make Lazzero olives suitable for the production of olive oil and table olives.

Maturation: Lazzero olive variety has late maturation.

Size: Lazzero olives are medium size.

Shape: Lazzera olives have ovoidal, slightly asymmetric and with the pointed apex.

Skin color: harvested when the Lazzero olive, is vinous red (around mid-November in Tuscany).

Yield: Lazzero olives have a high fat yield.

Uses: Although Lazzera olives may be valid for consumption as table olives, it is mainly used to produce oil.

Advantages: Lazzero olive tree has good disease resistance. Production and high fat yield. Olive oil appreciated for its powerful flavor and good preservation capacity.

Disadvantages: Production can be irregular when they are not performed management aimed at reducing olive tree harvesting.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lazzero (EVOO)

The Extra Virgin olive oil Lazzero is one of the olive oils with more intense flavors.

Lazzero Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lazzero EVOOIts bitterness level is very high and spicy is also very potent.

In addition, it is very fruity and of fluid consistency. We can find quite intense aromas of fresh grass, tomato, fresh almond and artichoke.

Properties: Lazzero olive oil has a high percentage of oleic acid (76%) and high polyphenol composition.

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