Nocellara del Belice olive tree

Nocellara del Belice olive tree, is an extended variety in Western Sicily where it is used for double purposes. It receives its name because it is originally from the Belice Valley southwest of Sicily.

olive variety Nocellara del Belice, nocellara olive treeAlthough it is especially appreciated as a table olive, it also produces an olive oil of excellent organoleptic characteristics, increasingly demanded. The variety has spread and is currently grown in other countries, such as Pakistan, India and South Africa.

Curiosities: The variety has two designations of origin: Nocellara table olive from Belice (PDO) and PDO olive oil Nocellara del Belice. In the United States, labels like”Castelvetrano olives” are highly appreciated.

Names or synonyms: Nocellara from Belize olive tree is also known with the following names: Mazara, Nociara, Trapanese, Bianculidda, Nebba, Oliva Tunna, Giarraffa, Nocciolara, Oliva Tonda, Nocillara, Nerba, Nuciddara, Nocellaia, Nociddara, Aneba, Anerba, Neba, Niciddalora, Nocellara di Castelvetrano, Oliva da Salari, Oliva di Castelvetrano and Oliva di Mazara.

It can be confused with other varieties of similar name (Nocelleta Etnea and Nocellara Messinese).

Nocellara Etnea

The Nocellara Etnea olive variety is grown in eastern Sicily for oil and table olives.

Summary of characteristics: Nocellara Etnea olive tree is rustic, vigorous and fast growing. It has open bearing and high cup density. It produces a high amount of pollen, self-incompatible and with good germination capacity. Production is early, high and alternate. The olives elliptical, slightly asymmetrical, very large size, late to mature, medium yield and difficult to detach from the tree. The uniform size of the fruit and the good firmness make it an excellent variety of table. It is difficult to root, its multiplication by stake being complex.

Nocellara Messinese

Nocellara olive tree extended in the eastern part of Sicily and in southern Calabria.

Summary of features: Nocellara Messinese is a variety of productive olive tree, with ovoidal, symmetrical and large size olive (6 grams) and pulp / high bone ratio (5.5). Early maturation and average yield (15%). Its olive oil has a composition high in linoleic acid, but low in polyphenols. It is a variety of double aptitude.

Characteristics of the Nocellara Olive Tree

Nocellara olive tree is a Italian variety of recognized world prestige. Both the olives and the olive oil of this variety are highly appreciated by consumers.

Olive tree with large olives Nocellara del BeliceProductivity: the Nocellara variety of Belice, is of precocity precocious and of production high.

Regularity of bearing: the Nocellara olive tree from Belice has regular productions (not too old).

Flowering: olive variety self-incompatible. In Sicily, it pollinates well with the olive varieties Giarraffa and Pidicuddara. The percentage of ovarian abortion is low.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Nocellara is medium vigor, bearing open and medium cup density.

Leaf: The Nociara olive variety has the leaves elliptic-lanceolate, length long and medium width.

Diseases: Nocellara olive tree has good fly resistance.

However, it is sensitive to the repilo, gnaws and Verticillium.

Multiplication: Nocellara olive plant has good rooting capacity.

Castelvetrano olive, morphological characteristics

Nocellara del Belice olive, also known as Castelvetrano, is large, firm and after dressing it has an attractive greenish color.

Castelvetrano Olive, Castelvetrano olives Nocellara del Belice olives from BelizeRipening: Olives from the Nocellara olive tree are ripe .

Size: The Castelvetrano olive variety has a large size (5 grams).

Shape: Belize’s Nocellara olive is rounded and asymmetrical, with the absence of nipple.

Skin color: green when ripe. It has numerous and small lenticels.

Pulp: It is firm and has a good pulp / bone ratio (5.6). Because of its color, it is a very good olive for green dressing.

Uses: The Nocellara olive tree is of double aptitude, being an outstanding variety in quality.

Advantages: Fly resistant. Good rating for table and oil.

Disadvantages: Sensitive to various diseases.

Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara

The Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil is highly prized for its good characteristics.

Bottle of oil Nocellara Extra Virgin olive oilTaste: Nocellara olive oil has a high-medium intensity fruity, fluid consistency, medium-high spicy flavor and Bitter something less potent. The aromas of tomato and green grass dominate, with slight nuances of artichoke and green almonds.

Properties: Morisca olive oil has half the amount of oleic acid (73%), with medium – high presence Polyphenols.

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