Lechín from Granada Olive tree

Lechin from Granada olive, Variety of olive tree LechinLechin from Granada olive tree, has a considerable cultivation area (30,000 hectares), similar to Picudo.

You can find important plantations of Olivo Lechin, in Granada, Murcia, Almería and Albacete. It is a variety of interest for its double aptitude.

The Lechín from Granada olive tree produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil of excellent quality. The Lechin olive is also used for the Black dressing, standing out for its high conservation capacity.

Due to the difficulty of harvesting of the Lechin olive through agricultural machinery. Lechin from Granada is in decline in favor of more profitable varieties such as Picual, Hojiblanca

Curiosities: Two olive varieties are known as Lechin, they are the Lechin olive tree from Granada (30,000 hectares) and the olive tree Lechin de Sevilla (125,000 hectares).

Names or synonyms: the most popular synonymies for the Lechin olive tree in Granada are: Lechin, Cuquillo (Murcia), Cuquillo de Onil, Cuquillana, Cuquet, Cuquillera, Manzanilla, Caera, Common, Oil, Piñoncillo, Negreta, Menuda, Onil, Onilera, Menual, Minuera y Minuera.

Characteristics of the Lechin Olive Tree in Granada:

The Lechin from Granada olive variety presents the following set of characteristics.

Productivity: The Lechin olive tree from Granada, is of rapid production and has high productivity.

Regularity of bearing: the variety of Lechin olive tree from Granada is not very regular or alternating (victorious).

FloweringLechin from Granada olive is medium flowering and self-compatible pollen.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: the olive variety Lechin from Granada has high vigor and open bearing.

Leaf: Lechin from Granada olives have the leaves elliptical, length short and width media.

Diseases: Lechin from Granada is considered a variety of rustic olive, with cold tolerance, very good adaptation to limestone soils and very high resistance to drought

The Lechin olive tree from Granada is very sensitive to the repilo attack and sensitive to verticilosis and fly.

Multiplication: The Lechin plant in Granada has a high rooting capacity, being easy to multiply.

Lechín from Granada olive, morphological characteristics

The variety of Lechin olive from Granada, has very good characteristics for both the production of oil , as for dressing (Cuquillo Olives).

Maturation: Lechin olives are ripe for late.

Size: olives Lechin have medium size .

Shape: The shape of the Cuquillo olive is ovoidal and slightly asymmetric.

Skin color: the Lechin olive, matures when the skin turns vinous red.

Pulp: Cuquillo olive pulp is firm and of excellent quality for black dressing. Cuquillo olives, black olives, seasoned olives in Murcia, black table olives

Peduncle: The Lechin olive variety from Granada has the long-very long peduncle.

Yield: The Lechin olive tree from Granada is a variety of tall olive fat yield (22-27%).

Harvest: Lechin olive from Granada has high shedding resistance. This aspect, together with the medium size and late maturation, makes it difficult to harvest manually or with agricultural machinery.

Uses: The Lechin from Granada olive is a variety of double aptitude, used for oil and dressing production.

Advantages: The Lechin olive tree from Granada is a rustic variety. High tolerance to drought and limestone terrain. High fat, early and high productivity. In addition, the taste of their olives is much appreciated.

Disadvantages: Very sensitive to the repilo, high difficulty of collection.

Lechin Pomegranate Oil

Lechin EVOO has a bitter and spicy taste, with a pleasant and consistent character. In addition, collected on time is an oil of very high stability.

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