Arbequina olive oil

Arbequina olive oil is extracted from the olives produced by the Arbequina olive tree. Traditionally, the town of Arbeca (Lleida) was where Arbequina olive oil was produced- Although, today, the variety is widespread in Spain and the world.

Arbequina olive oil characteristics

Arbequina olive oil (Coosur, Borges, April...), Arbequina Oil, Arbequina EVOO, Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive OilThe Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is aroma Very fruity and nice. fruity to swamp and apple can be detected, accompanied by mint and freshly cut green grass.

With a sweet, mild flavor and a little bitter and spicy presence. Arbequina, stands out for the almond taste with hints of tomato and green nut.

It is usually mixed by packers with other oils rich in oleic acid (Picual Oil, Cornicabra…) or polyphenols to increase its oxidation stability and improve its properties.

Chemical composition of Arbequina olive oil

The chemical composition of Arbequina oil varies depending on the cultivation area, climatic conditions, date of collection

Depending on the analysis made, the Arbequina oil fat composition shows certain differences.

The usual values ​​of Arbequina olive oil fall between the following percentages:

6075% Oleic Acid.

9-16% Linoleic Acid.

11-17% Palmitic Acid.

Polyphenols: 200-300 at a low-medium level.

Stability: Low level, about 8 hours at 120ºC.

In the productions of super high density olive grove, the most abundant oil currently, an 72% of oleic is estimated, 14% palmitic and 9% linoleic.

What is Arbequina oil used for?

For its properties, its use of extra virgin olive oil Arbequina in salads is recommended, where its fruity aroma and pleasant taste can be correctly appreciated.

It is also suitable for raw consumption, dressings, to make mayonnaise

It is not a suitable oil for frying because it degrades more easily and does not contribute to the dish as well as other oils with a more intense flavor.

PDO Quality Badges

The oil of the olive variety Arbequina is protected by different protected designations of origin.

DOP Siurana Oil

Originating in the province of Tarragona, the Siurana designation of origin has gained some prestige and produces 100% Arbequina oil.

PDO Steppe

This protected designation of origin is located in the province of Sevilla and has three different categories for Arbequina extra virgin olive oil.

Hojiblanca, Arbequina, Chamomile, Picual and Lechin de Sevilla: with a minimum percentage of 15% of Arbequina oil.

Hojiblanca and Arbequina: contains a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 80% of Arbequina olive oil.

Arbequina: 100% Arbequina monovarietal olive oil.

PDO Sierra del Moncayo Oil

This protected designation of origin is located between the provinces of Zaragoza and Soria.

Oil with this quality mark can be composed of a maximum of 25% of Arbequina oil and a minimum of 70% of the variety Empeltre.

Other PDOs with Arbequina EVOO

DOP Oil from Mallorca, Oil Les Garrigues, Oil from Empordà, Oil from Terra Alta, Oil de Lucena, Oil of Bajo Aragón, Antequera and Sierra de Cádiz.

These protected designations of origin have different permitted percentages of Arbequina oil.

In addition to Arbequina, depending on the PDO, the oil obtained may have a presence of Hojiblanca olive oil, Empeltre, Picudo, Seville Chamomile, Ocal, Lechin, Verdial from Vélez-Málaga, Verdialde Huévar, Verdial de Cádiz, Alameña de Montilla, Tempranilla, Chorruo, Campanile, Royal de Calatayud, Morrut, Argudell, Verdiell, Curivell, Llei de Cadaqués, Picual and Arbequina.

Arbequina oil price

The liter of extra virgin olive oil Arbequina is quoted at different prices that depend on various factors.

Arbequina Premium olive oil, Arbequina EVOO, Arbequina extra virgin olive oilThe existing offer is the factor that most influences the purchase price of olive oil. The prices rise strongly in years of low harvest or with problems of drought.

The collection date also has an important impact, with the Arbequina olive oils of extra early or Premium extra oil being higher priced.

As in other sectors, the quality or type of olive oil influences the price, virgin olive oil being superior extra Arbequina followed by the Virgin and ending with the lamp that must be refined in order to be consumed.

The organic olive oil or organic also has a higher price than produced by traditional techniques.

The prestige of the producer, packer and the D.O.P. also influence the price.

Currently (2019), you can buy EVOO Arbequina at prices of between 3 and € 8 per liter.

In sales to bulk, the price of Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is usually lower than others varieties of olives. This is because it is less stable and therefore needs special conditions for its conservation.

It is usually put on the market with greater urgency. Therefore, we can buy the best extra virgin olive oil Arbequina and consume it just a few months after the collection of olives.

List of the best websites to buy olive oil online (Arbequina, Picual, Hojiblanca, Cornicabra, Picudo, Manzanilla Cacereña...)

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