Royal from Cazorla olive tree

Royal olives, Royal from Cazorla OlivesThe Royal olive tree of Cazorla was massively replaced by the Picual variety in the last century. Originally from the Sierra de Cazorla (Jaén), although its productivity is good and regular, it has a more laborious and expensive collection than other varieties. Currently, there are around 2,000 hectares of Olive Royal, in Spain located between the regions of Cazorla and Quesada.

Curiosities: the branches are fragile and brittle, during the harvest it suffers more damage than other varieties. The name”Royal“refers to the color of the olives during ripening.

Like varieties like Manzanilla Cacereña, Lechin de Granada, Verdial de Badajoz, Gordal Sevillana, Seville camomile. The Royal olive tree takes the last name of the area where it is native,”Cazorla“.

Names or synonyms: This olive variety is also known with the abbreviated name”Royal”.

Characteristics of the Royal from Cazorla Olive Tree

The good productive characteristics of the Royal from Cazorla olive, together with the excellent valuation of its oil, make the Royal olive variety increase its cultivation area.

Productivity: the Royal from Cazorla olive, is not very early and has good productive capacity.

Regularity of bearing: Royal maintains a good regularity.

FloweringRoyal olive tree is flowering early.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: The Royal from Cazorla olive plant has under vigor and open bearing The density of the cup is thick. It does not support severe pruning well.

Leaf: Royal olive tree has the leaf of shape elliptic-lanceolate, long and medium width. The olive tree is beautiful, standing out for the high presence of leaves and foliage.

Diseases: Royal from Cazorla olive variety is considered very rustic and resists drought well. You have some sensitivity to the ring and the tuberculosis.

Multiplication: The rooting ability is good.

Royal from Cazorla olives, morphological characteristics

Royal from Cazorla olives are used to obtain olive oil.

Maturation: Royal Cazorla olive is late maturing .

Size: Royal olive tree produces olives of large size.

Shape: Royal from Cazorla olives are oval shaped, elongated and slightly asymmetric.

Skin color: when ripe, the Royal Cazorla olive has a characteristic red color. It has many small lenticels.

Yield : Royal olives have a medium-low yield.

Collection: the resistance to the detachment is high, although the mechanical means help in the collection, it is necessary to make support braking, increasing the costs of pick up

Uses: Royal olive is used to produce oil.

Advantages: Royal olive oil is highly prized, rustic and drought resistant.

Disadvantages: less productive than Picual. Hard Pickup

Royal from Cazorla olive Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Royal Extra Virgin olive oil is highly valued for its excellent quality.

Included in the PDO Sierra de Cazorla, it helps to differentiate the oil of this geographical area from others in Jaén. It is also better economically valued than the abundant Picual olive oil.

Royal Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Cazorla, Gourmet olive oil, Royal from Cazorla oliveTaste: Royal EVOO is very fruity and smooth, with hardly presence of bitter flavor and a subtle spicy and late. In addition, harvested in green, the oil gives off remarkable aromas of almond, green apple and green banana. On the other hand, when the harvest occurs later, the oil gains sweetness and the aromas can remind us of ripe fruits such as fig, vanilla or dried fruits.

Properties: Royal from Cazorla olive oil has a very high composition of polyphenols (the largest within the typical olive varieties of Jaén).

Price : Royal oil can be purchased in Spain (2018) at prices between 5 and 8 €/liter.

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