Alfafara olive tree

Alfafara Olives, Alfafara Olive tree, Alfafareña, Alfarenca, olive groveThe Alfafara olive tree, is a traditional olive variety in the Valencian Community, It has recently been discovered that it is a genetically comparable to the variety Ayrouni (Lebanon).

The olive grove of Alfafara, has an approximate area of ​​ 6,000 hectares, with presence in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Albacete. Alfafara is currently an expanding olive variety within its traditional growing area.

Alfafara is a variety i nteresante for oil production ( Arbequina, Arróniz, Cornicabra, Picual, Picudo…).

Curiosities: It has been discovered that the Alfafara olive tree is a clone of the Ayrouni Lebanese variety. Ayrouni is a variety of ancestral olive tree with high resistance to pests and diseases, it is believed that the Phoenicians introduced it to the peninsula.

The name Alfafara, takes it from the location of the main cultivation area in Spain, Alfafara (Alicante).

Names or synonyms: The Alfafara olive tree is also known with the names Alfafareña and Alfarenca.

Characteristics of the Alfafara Olive Tree

The Alfafara olive tree has good characteristics against diseases and pests of the olive tree.

Productivity: the variety of Alfafara olive , is of precocity average -slow and medium-high production.

Regularity of bearing: the Alfafara olive tree has a medium regularity.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: the olive variety Alfafara has vigor medium-high and open bearing.

Leaf: The Alfafara olive tree has leaves of shape lanceolate and medium size (slightly long and narrow).

Diseases: Alfafara is very resistant to tuberculosis. It behaves well in soils with the presence of nematodes, is sensitive to drought and resistant to cold. It has high resistance to Verticillium and a half to repilo. The Alfafara olive tree can be considered, a rustic variety with good resistance to diseases.

Multiplication: The Alfafara olive plant has good rooting capacity. Therefore, it is commonly used as a rootstock.

Alfafara olive, morphological characteristics

The Alfafara olive, is grown for oil production, obtaining EVOO of excellent organoleptic characteristics.

Maturation: Alfafara is a late-ripening olive tree .

Size: Alfafara olive is large size (5 grams).

Form: Alfafara has the olive ovoidal and asymmetric.

Skin color: The Alfafara olive, reaches maturity the black color. In mountain areas, it is necessary to collect the olive groves before full maturity. This prevents frost (the fruit is sensitive and the quality of the oil is considerably reduced).

Pulp: In Spain, the main use of Alfafara is the oil production.

However, the Ayrouni variety if consumed as table olives (Gordal Sevillana, Hojiblanca, Verdial…).

Peduncle: The Alfafara olive variety has the peduncle of half length.

Yield: Alfafara olive has olives of medium-high yield (21%). However, the extraction capacity is very low, being difficult to extract the oil for the usual machinery in the oil mills.

Collection: Alfafara olives have a high resistance to shedding.

Uses: Alfafara is mainly used for the olive oil production.

Advantages: Has a good behavior against diseases. In addition, it produces a select oil and much appreciated for its quality.

Disadvantages: Difficult collection, lower productivity than other varieties, oil difficult to extract.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Alfafara

Among others EVOO produced in the Valencian Community, the oil Alfafara, is excellent quality and organoleptic characteristics.

Alfafara Olive Oil, Alfafareña Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml, Alfafara EVOOTaste: the Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from the Alfafara variety, has a balanced level of bitterness and spicy. On the other hand, it has a fruity aroma, with intense smells of fresh grass, Apple, Tomato, banana and subtle aromas of nuts.

Properties: The high presence of polyphenols make the Alfafara Oil very healthy and with good oxidation resistance. Its content of oleic acid is high (71%).

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