Pico Limón olive tree

Well valued for oil production and for table olives, the Pico Limón olive tree (Peak Lemon Olive) has characteristics that may be of interest to us. There are 7,000 hectares of olive grove Pico Limón, distributed mainly in the fertile soils of the Campiña Sur (Badajoz) and in the region of Sierra Norte (Sierra Morena, Seville), Huelva and Alicante.

Olive variety Pico Limón, Pico Limón olive tree

At present, the good valuation of Pico Limón olive oil, promotes the expansion of this olive variety.

Curiosities: The name Pico Limón, is due to the shape of the olive, with a small nipple at the end, reminiscent of what lemons have.

Names or synonyms: This olive tree is also known under the names Pico de Limón, Pico Cuervo and Lemongrass.

Characteristics of the Olive Pico de Limón

The good productive capacity of Pico Limón, together with the increased interest in the organoleptic characteristics of monovarietal olive oils, means that the Pico Limón olive grove area is increasing with new plantations.

Productivity: the Pico Limón olive tree, has high productivity.

Regularity of bearing: Pico Limón is a variety with constant productions or regular.

Flowering: the variety Pico Limón is flowering medium.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: the Pico Limón olive plant is medium vigor and erect bearing. It has average cup density.

Leaf: Pico Limón has the leaf of shape elliptical-lanceolate, of half length and cut.

Diseases: The Pico Limón olive variety resists frost, drought and repilo. On the other hand, it is sensitive to fly and Prays.

Multiplication: You have good rooting ability.

Pico Limón olives, morphological characteristics

The Pico Limón olives, has mixed use, with good characteristics for the production of table olives and a valued olive oil.

Crushed olives of the Pico Limón variety

Maturation: Pico Limón is a ripening olive early.

Size: Pico Limón olive tree produces olives of large size (4-5 grams) .

Shape: Pico Limón olives are elliptical and slightly asymmetrical.

Skin color: when ripe, the Pico Limón olive reaches the black color. It has many small lenticels.

Pulp: Despite being an olive used for dressing, the pulp/bone ratio of Pico Limón is medium/low.

Yield: Pico Limón olive olives are medium-high yield, very similar to Picual.

Collection: Pico Limón has high resistance to detachment.

This makes harvesting more expensive and makes the use of olive harvesters essential.

Uses: The Pico Limón olive variety has double aptitude (dressing and oil production).

Advantages: Good productive characteristics of the Pico Limón olive tree, in addition, its olive oil is very well valued.

Disadvantages: collection difficulty, sensitive to the olive fly.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pico Limón

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pico Limón, making the early collection, the oil is highly valued for its exceptional quality.

3l can, Extra Virgin Olive oil Pico LemonPico Limón is included as a secondary variety, within the PDO Monterrubio Oil.

Taste: Pico Limón olive oil stands out among the olive oils of the Gourmet section. Complex, powerful and fruity, it has a remarkable bitter and spicy flavor, on a pleasant and sweet background. In addition, it is very green in the mouth, with aromas of fresh grass, green apple, almond peel…

Price: Pico Limón (EVOO) is sold in Spain at prices between 10 and € 15/liter.

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