Olive allergy

In spring, during flowering of the olive tree, pollen levels skyrocket. It is essential for allergy sufferers to adopt protective measures to reduce the symptoms of olive allergy

Olive Allergy, pollen protect itemsThe olive allergy is increasingly common, exposure to large amounts of olive pollen during spring can cause upset sensitive people.

The different olive varieties are reproduced using the medium as air. During the flowering, olive trees produce and release a huge amount of pollen into the air. For several weeks and even months, olive pollen causes problems of varying intensity to allergic people.

Olive allergy symptoms

Next, some of the olive allergy symptoms that a person allergic to olive pollen may have are:

1.- Sneezing and inflammation of the nasal mucosa with symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose.

2.- Tearing, itching, swelling and redness of the eyes.

3.- Fatigue and tiredness. The consumption of antihistamines usually accentuates this sensation.

4.- Difficulty sleeping.

5.- In very sensitive people, bronchial asthma.

Techniques to protect against high levels of olive pollen

Some measures to avoid exposing the body to allergic reactions due to high pollen concentrations:

Protect yourself from olive pollen allergy, mask, garlic, sprayer, antihistamines...1.- Avoid ventilating the rooms during the flowering season of the olive tree.

2.- Wear masks when leaving home.

3.- One thing that as an allergic to pollen I usually do is spray water in the rooms. As when it rains the pollen level is reduced, if we spray water from the ceiling of the rooms, we can drag much of the pollen to the ground and reduce its presence in the air. This is a great relief and helps a lot at bedtime.

4.- The consumption of garlic, citrus and foods rich in omega 3 seems to improve the body’s tolerance to olive pollen.

5.- If you have serious intolerance to olive pollen, it is advisable to transfer to places with low levels of pollen.

6.- Medical treatments: Sometimes it is essential to use medications to treat the effects of olive pollen allergy.

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