Itrana Olive tree

Itrana olive tree, Italian olive photo

The variety of olive Itrana, is native to the Italian region of Lazio (Lazio).

It has good characteristics for table olives (main use), by easily detaching the flesh from the pulp and it is also intended for oil milling.

Names or synonyms: The Itrana olive tree is also known by the names: Olive Itrane, Oliva di Gaeta, Itrana Sangregorio, Esperiana, Attanesca, Reitana, Trana, Olivacore, Iatanella, Itrana Collenero, Itrana Passomacera, Oliva Grossa, Gitana, Aitanesca, Aitana, Tanella, Aitanella, Oliva di Esperia, Itrana Vallequercia, Howls Acqua, Cicerone, Gaetana, Itana, Raitana, Strano and Velletrana.

Characteristics of the Itrana Olive Tree

The Itrana olive tree allows to obtain good quality products, both black olives and extra virgin olive oil with good characteristics.

Productivity: The Itrana olive variety is productive and of medium precocity.

Regularity of bearing: The Itrana olive tree has productions little regular (it is true).

Flowering: the variety of Itrana olives, is self-incompatible and olive flowering is early. The varieties used in pollination are Leccino, Pendolino and Olivastro. The ovarian abortion has a medium level.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Itrana is of high vigor, erect bearing and glass of thick density

Leaf: The Itrana olive tree has leaves of elliptic-lanceolate and medium size.

Diseases: the Itrana olive tree, tolerates the cold well and is repilo resistant, however it looks heavily affected by the attack of the olive fly.

Multiplication: The Itrana plant has a good rooting capacity.

Itrana olive, morphological characteristics

The Itrana olive has double aptitude (table and olive oil).

Maturation: Maturation is late and staggered.

Size: The Itrana variety has large size (5 grams), a positive aspect for table olives.

Shape: the Itrana olive, has an elliptical shape , asymmetric and has a nipple presence .

Skin color: The Itrana variety matures upon reaching the color range vinous-violet red.

spaghetti with Itrana olives, Gaeta olivesPulp: It has a good pulp / bone ratio. It is good for dressing, being famous the Gaeta olives (olive di Gaeta), very popular for salads, pizzas or spaghetti.

Yield: The Itrana olive tree gets olives of average yield (19% ).

Collection: laborious for its high resistance to detachment.

Uses: Itrana, although mainly produces black dressing olives, partly dedicated to export. It also allows to obtain olive oils of very good quality.

Advantages: Olive of good quality and double aptitude.

Disadvantages: Sensitivity to olive fly.

Itrana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Characteristics of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Itrana, Itrana EVOO Itrana EVOO, is an oil of intense and fruity flavor, with bitter and spicy of average value.

On the other hand, among the aromas, the cut grass stands out, with more subtle touches of artichoke or tomato and a slight green almond feel.

Properties: Itrana olive oil has a high amount of oleic acid (77%), with a medium-high presence of Polyphenols (330).

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  1. I have 40 Itrana olive trees all bought in California at the Santa Cruz Olive Nursery, a large provider of many varieties. They grow nicely and the size of the olive is VERY impressive–separates easily from the pit, also. Needs other Italian varieties nearby during pollination; however, density of that other may not be more than 1:5 or 1:8. These trees are young. Thanks for information on this little discussed variety that is the third most popular in Italy but little known, it seems, here in US of A.

  2. I’m looking to purchase about 5 Itrana olive trees, but it appears Santa Cruz Olive Nursery has a much higher minimum. I’ve also tried calling other nurseries but it appears Itranas re hard to find. Can anybody recommend any sellers that would sell a handful of these trees? Thanks very much.

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