Piricuddara Olive tree

The variety of olive Piricuddara, is a variety native to Sicily. It is distributed in several areas of Sicily (Agrigentino (Cianciano, Calamonaci and Lucca Sicula), Palermo and Caltanissetta).

Olive Piricuddara or Pidicuddara, Piricuddara olive tree

Curiosities: The production of Piricuddara olive oil is very low due to the reduced area of ​​influence and limited diffusion of the variety.

Names or synonyms: Piricuddara olive tree is also known by: Ugghiara, Pidicuddara, Minutidda and Olive to Rappu.

Characteristics of the Piricuddara Olive Tree

The Piricuddara olive variety is productive and is used as olive for olive oil mill. The extracted olive oil is of good organoleptic characteristics.

Productivity: The Piricuddara olive tree is of good productivity.

Regularity of bearing: Pidicuddara is a variety with medium regularity (somewhat expired).

Flowering: The Piricuddara variety is self-incompatible. The usual varieties as pollinators are Carolea and Nocellara del Belize.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Piricuddara is low vigor, open bearing and medium cup density .

Leaf: The Pidicuddara olive tree has the leaves of elliptical-lanceolate and medium size.

Diseases: The Piricuddara olive variety has acceptable resistance to cold and moisture, however, it is sensitive to the attack of the fly and at repilo.

Piricuddara olive, morphological characteristics

The Piricuddara olive is used for the production of extra virgin olive oil.

Piricuddara OlivesMaturation: Maturation is late.

Size: It has a medium size (2.5 grams).

Shape: The variety of Pidicuddara olives is elliptical and symmetrical.

Skin color: the ripe olive with black color.

Pulp: It has a low pulp / bone ratio.

Yield: Piricuddara olive is average yield (19%).

Uses: Piricuddara olive is used for the extraction of olive oil.

Advantages: High productivity. Oil appreciated.

Disadvantages: Disease sensitivity.

Piricuddara Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Piricuddara Extra Virgin Olive Oil, of Sicilian origin, is valued and appreciated by consumers.

Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Piricuddara variety, Piricuddara EVOOTaste: Piricuddara olive oil has a medium fruity taste, with good bitterness and spicy notes of medium intensity. In the aroma you can detect smells of tomato, cut grass, oregano, fennel, dill, artichoke or green almond.

Price: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Piricuddara is located outside of Italy at prices of € 30-45 / liter.

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