Dolce Agogia olive tree

Italian variety of olive tree, Umbrian, olive tree Dolce Agogia

The olive Dolce Agogia, is an Italian olive tree variety, mainly cultivated in Umbria, is generally used for the olive oil production, although they can also be consumed as olives blacks (dehydrated with salt).

Curiosities: The name Dolce is due to the sweet taste of the extracted olive oil. The olive trees are old and are usually dispersed in the olive groves along with other Italian olive varieties (Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo or Pendolino).

Names or synonyms: Dolce Agogia olive tree is also known with the following names: Agogio, Nerello, Gogio, Oliva da Conciare, Nerella, Oliva Agogia, Dolce, Olivella and Raia.

Characteristics of the Dolce Agogia Olive Tree

The Olive Dolce Agogia stands out for its general good resistance to diseases, however, its poor tolerance to drought and productivity is lower than other olive varieties (Frantoio, Picual, Hojiblanca, Arbequina, Verdial…).

Productivity: Dolce Agogia olive variety is of precocity precocious and of medium production.

Regularity of bearing: Dolce Agogia is an olive variety of little regular production (vecera ).

Flowering: Dolce Agogia olive tree is late flowering and its pollen is self-incompatible. It produces a large number of flowers, however, the low setting limits its productive capacity. Your ovarian abortion is medium.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Dolce Agogia olive tree has medium-high vigor, is erect bearing and has a medium-thick crown density.

Leaf: Dolce Agogia olive tree has leaves of shape elliptic-lanceolate and medium size.

Diseases: Dolce Agogia olive tree is resistant to repilo, Verticillium, tuberculosis and cold. However, it is sensitive to attacks by olive fly and poorly resistant to drought.

Multiplication: The Agogio plant has high rooting capacity.

Olive Dolce Agogia, morphological characteristics

Dolce Agogia olive has average size and yield, oil stocks of this variety are scarce and well appreciated, Premium oils can be found at prices between 30 and 60 euros per liter.

Maturation: The Dolce Agogia olive variety is ripening early.

Size: Dolce Agogia has medium size (2-2.5 grams).

Shape: The Agogia olive is spherical and asymmetric, with the absence of nipple.

Skin color: the Dolce olive variety, matures with violet.
It has abundant and small lenticels.

Pulp: It has a pulp / bone ratio of 4.7 and because of its sweetness, the olive can be used for dehydrated black dressing.

Yield: Dolce Agogia olive olives have average yield.

Collection: The Dolce Agogia variety is easily detached, being suitable for mechanized collection with trunk vibrators.

Uses: Dolce Agogia is suitable for olive oil production in oil mill and is used locally as dehydrated black olives.

Advantages: High resistance to repilo and tuberculosis. Ease of collection. Monovarietal oil well valued.

Disadvantages: Little drought tolerant. Productivity inferior to other varieties.

Extra Virgin Dolce Agogia olive oil

The Dolce Agogia EVOO, has medium fluidity, with balanced bitterness and pleasant spicy of medium-low intensity.

Bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Italian (Dolce Agogia)Taste: The slightly sweet, medium fruity oil with notes of almond and olive leaf. When the olive is harvested in green the fruity is higher and the intensity of bitterness and spicy is increased to a medium-high level.

Properties: Dolce Agogia olive oil has a high amount of oleic acid (75%) and a very high presence of Polyphenols, resulting in an oil of good stability.

Price: Dolce Agogia Extra Virgin Olive Oil can reach in its Premium versions prices of  30-60 €/liter.

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