Arroniz olive

The variety of Arroniz olive tree, produces olives suitable for oil production. It is currently expanding, its ability to adapt to the hedge cultivation system is of interest. Until recently, the variety was found in marginal land and in small and low-cost plantations, with just 500 hectares of traditional cultivation. The success of plantations carried … Read moreArroniz olive

Hojiblanca Olive tree

The Hojiblanca olive tree, is the third variety in terms of crop area in Spain. With 265,000 hectares, the Hojiblanca olive variety is only behind the varieties of Picual olive tree (1,000,000 ha) and Cornicabra (270,000 ha). The Hojiblanca olive cultivation is distributed throughout the Andalusian provinces of Córdoba (116,000 ha), Málaga (81,000 ha), Sevilla … Read moreHojiblanca Olive tree

Picual olive tree

The Picual olive, is the most important variety in Spain, Picual has excellent characteristics to produce olive oil (high performance olive, high productive capacity, easy detachment…). Picual, is the olive class (Olea Europea Sativa), most present in the Andalusian olive grove. Picual olive variety is the most cultivated olive in Spain. It has a growing extension … Read morePicual olive tree