Dolce Agogia olive tree

The olive Dolce Agogia, is an Italian olive tree variety, mainly cultivated in Umbria, is generally used for the olive oil production, although they can also be consumed as olives blacks (dehydrated with salt). Curiosities: The name Dolce is due to the sweet taste of the extracted olive oil. The olive trees are old and … Read moreDolce Agogia olive tree

Coratina olive tree

The cultivation of Olive Coratina, has characteristics favorable to the production of olive oil. The variety has its origin in the Italian province of Apulia (Plugia), where it is one of the main varieties. Its oil is of very high quality and easily adapts to various environments. Despite its good characteristics, the variety has barely … Read moreCoratina olive tree

Pico Limón olive tree

Well valued for oil production and for table olives, the Pico Limón olive tree (Peak Lemon Olive) has characteristics that may be of interest to us. There are 7,000 hectares of olive grove Pico Limón, distributed mainly in the fertile soils of the Campiña Sur (Badajoz) and in the region of Sierra Norte (Sierra Morena, … Read morePico Limón olive tree

Royal from Cazorla olive tree

The Royal olive tree of Cazorla was massively replaced by the Picual variety in the last century. Originally from the Sierra de Cazorla (Jaén), although its productivity is good and regular, it has a more laborious and expensive collection than other varieties. Currently, there are around 2,000 hectares of Olive Royal, in Spain located between … Read moreRoyal from Cazorla olive tree

Pendolino Olive Tree

Pendolino olive tree is a variety of originating from the locality Fiorentino. It is widely spread by Tuscany and Central Italy. Pendolino is highly valued as olive pollinator. It adapts well to different terrains and climates. Other popular olive trees in italy  (Frantoio, Leccino…) Curiosities: It is appreciated and there is demand for use as an ornamental … Read morePendolino Olive Tree

Villalonga Olive

Villalonga olive, is a traditional variety of the Valencian Community. It receives its name by the municipality of Villalonga (Valencia). With about 28,000 hectares of olive groves, it is the first variety by cultivation area in the Valencian community, surpassing Blanqueta (20,000 ha), Alfafara (6,000 ha) and Changlot Real (5,000 ha). The province of Valencia … Read moreVillalonga Olive

Alfafara olive tree

The Alfafara olive tree, is a traditional olive variety in the Valencian Community, It has recently been discovered that it is a genetically comparable to the variety Ayrouni (Lebanon). The olive grove of Alfafara, has an approximate area of ​​ 6,000 hectares, with presence in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Albacete. Alfafara is currently an … Read moreAlfafara olive tree

Cobrancosa olive

Cobrancosa olive, is a variety of Portuguese origin. There are plantations in central and northern Portugal, covering approximately 40,000 hectares, around 10% of the area of ​​Portuguese olive groves. The origin of the olive variety Cobrancosa is situated in the region Portuguese Trás-os-Montes  (Alto Douro). On the other hand, in Spain, the Cobrancosa variety is … Read moreCobrancosa olive

Picholine Marocaine olive tree

Picholine Marocaine olive tree, is a traditional olive variety in Morocco. The variety is similar to the Algerian olive tree Sigoise, with which it is likely to have some kinship. The name Picholine Marocaine groups several olive varieties or clones of Picholine Marocaine. The INRA of Morocco has done selection work on the best clones … Read morePicholine Marocaine olive tree

Blanqueta olive tree

Blanqueta olive tree, with about 20,000 hectares of cultivation is the second olive variety most cultivated in the Valencian Community. The plantations are located mainly in Valencia and Alicante, although it is also possible to find olive groves of the Blanqueta variety in Murcia or Albacete. Because of its low vigor, precocity and high productivity, … Read moreBlanqueta olive tree

Lechín from Granada Olive tree

Lechin from Granada olive tree, has a considerable cultivation area (30,000 hectares), similar to Picudo. You can find important plantations of Olivo Lechin, in Granada, Murcia, Almería and Albacete. It is a variety of interest for its double aptitude. The Lechín from Granada olive tree produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil of excellent quality. The Lechin olive is … Read moreLechín from Granada Olive tree

Empeltre olive tree

Empeltre olive tree, is grown mainly in the communities of Baleares and Aragón. There are documents dating to the Empeltre variety from before the 15th century. Currently the Empeltre olive tree has a cultivation area close to 80,000 hectares. Its cultivation in Spain is located in the Northeast of the peninsula, Aragón, Castellón, Tarragona, Navarra, … Read moreEmpeltre olive tree

Cornezuelo olive

Cornezuelo olive tree, produces dual-fitness olives, they can be used both for table olives, and for oil production. The Cornezuelo olive variety has a small cultivation extension, located east of Badajoz and has a certain presence in Córdoba. Its main cultivation area is Monterrubio de la Serena, forming a fundamental part of the PDO “Monterrubio … Read moreCornezuelo olive