Happy new year 2018

Happy 2018!From excelentesprecios.com we want to congratulate the new year and wish you a happy and prosperous year 2018.

We also want to take the opportunity to thank the wide and faithful group of readers who usually visit and leave comments on our page. We will continue to publish regularly content that is sure to interest many.

Purposes for the new year 2018

Realization of a online store for the sale of own products (Buy cherries and oil extra virgin olive). Possibility of including plants and other products that may be of interest in the agricultural sector.

Continue to expand information on different olive oils and the discovered properties of its main components.

Describe new olive and cherry varieties.

Information on agricultural machinery.

Add information about new diseases and pests (olive and cherry tree ).

Update existing publications by adding useful content.

Continue the expansion of the theme of the web with publications referring to vine and almond tree.

Publications made during 2017

This past year we have made interesting publications about cherry and olive trees:

Compilation on cherry tree

Varieties, types or kinds of cherry

Complete content about the most planted cherry varieties in the world:

Lapins, Sunburst, Nimba, Santina, Frisco, Burlat, Van, Black Star, Rainier, Summit, Pacific Red, Royal Tioga, Sweet Heart, 3-13, Bing, Giant Red, Skeena

Properties of the cherry: Benefits, nutritional value, precautions…

Harvest cherries early, in mid season and late.

Cherry Cherry, PDO description Cherry del Jerte and existing varieties.

Price of cherry in the markets.

Different nurseries where to buy cherry trees.

English graft.

Tips to consider before making a cherry plantation.

Characteristics of the existing rootstocks for the cherry tree: Marilan (Mariana-Adara), Gisela 5, Gisela 6, Colt, Santa Lucia 64 (SL-64), Maxma 14

Diseases, cherry pests and their treatments: Gnomonia, Monilia, Screening or pelletizing, Gomosis, Barrenillo, St. Joseph’s louse, Drosophila suzukii, Fly and Wormhead

Publications on the olive tree

Olive varieties for oil production in almazara and table olives: Olive Picual, Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Cornicabra, Frantoio, Empeltre, Arbosana, Arroniz, Changlot Real.
Gordal olive and dressing, Verdial olive, Camomile Cacereña

Factors to know the most profitable olive variety.

Differences between Picual and Arbequina olive oil.

Properties and uses of Picual olive oil, Arbequina, Hojiblanca

The weather in the olive grove.

Pests and diseases of the olive tree: Fly, Prays, Cochineal, Repilo, Verticilosis, Anthracnose, Tuberculosis, Xylella fastidiosa. Sweeper, Glifodes, Violet mealybug, Olive milkweed, Otiorrinco, Olive tree Acariosis, Abichado, Arañuelo, Ceramide. Repilo leaden, Bold, Escudete, Leprosy, olive rot, Meloidogyne incognita, root asphyxiation

Happy and prosperous year 2018!


We have translated the information on our website from Spanish to English. Note that some words may have seen their meaning altered during their translation.

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