Cherry trees for sale: Nurseries list

There are several cherry nurseries, however, only a few can sell the new varieties. The best way to make commercial cherry plantations, is during the winter rest to root naked. Although, the sale of cherry trees to individuals can be done in pot throughout the year-round. Cherry trees for sale, cherry tree nurseries list, Viveros ebro, IPS, Sancho, Alberola

Given the large number of existing cherry varieties, it is virtually impossible to find them all in a single nursery. In addition, new varieties emerge every year that seek to improve the characteristics of cherries.

Also note the pattern or rootstock on which the nursery has grafted the cherry trees. In the large cherry plantations, the plants that are previously requested are ordered, so that the nursery has time to prepare orders with requirements special or varieties of cherries less demanded.

The small producers, however, are often forced to buy the most suitable rootstocks and graft themselves the varieties of cherries timely. The advantage of this action is that we ensure 100% that the grafted variety is the one that interests us without any likelihood of error by the cherry nurseries. The problem is that many interesting varieties are under patent and cannot be multiplied without authorization.

Nurseries with authorizations for Registered cherry varieties.

Only a few cherry tree nurseries have enough financial muscle to acquire the patent or exploitation rights on cherry varieties. It is also not easy to have logistical capacity to supply and distribute plant material nationwide. These nurseries guarantee that the plant corresponds to the chosen variety.

Mariano Soria Nurseries

Mariano Soria nurseries Logo: Cherry Tree Nursery in Zaragoza

Important cherry tree nursery located in Zaragoza, has an agreement with I.P.S that gives you access to many interesting varieties of cherry.

The conditions of the Royalties only allow you to accept orders of considerable size, for farms of at least half a hectare of extension. Therefore, new cherry varieties are not available to small farmers.

Nurseries Mariano Soria can provide us, among others, with the following varieties: Royal Tioga, Royal Hazel, Sabrina®, Canada Giant® (Sumgita), Samba (sumste), Satin® (Sumele), Sofia®, Royal Edie, Royal Helen, SweetHeart® (Sumtare), Staccato® (Summer Charm).

Contact Information:

Phone: 976 60 01 67

Ebro Nurseries

Ebro Nurseries Logo: buy new cherry varietiesHave multiplication rights over a select range of cherry varieties. In Ebro Nurseries they sell varieties of cherries registered of excellent quality.

They look for varieties of good hardness and post-harvest endurance. Probably Frisco is the best known cherry variety of the commercialized Ebro nurseries, this variety has excellent references.

On its website you can find data of the varieties Frisco, Nimba, Red Pacific, Rocket, SMS 280, Starblush and Stardust.

Unfortunately, the sale of plants is carried out in bulk, and varieties are not easily accessible to the general public.

Contact Information:

Phone: 977 407 278

International Plant Selection

International Plan Selection, IPS logoThis French nursery is tasting the cherry varieties of the Canadian Summerland station. They have the European exclusivity with Summerland, being the Editors of their varieties and managing the exploitation rights.

They have an interesting range of varieties of cherries to buy: Burlat, Cristalina®, Canada Giant®, Celeste®, Rosie, Royal Tioga, Santina, Sabrina®, Staccato®, Skeena, Satin®, Sweetheart®, Sofia®, Sumbola.

Unfortunately, in this cherry nursery does not make sales to the unit. Being only possible to buy cherry trees for orchards or large plantations.

Contact Data:

Telephone: (+33) 04 75 90 92 89 (France)

Cherry tree nurseries with patent-free varieties

There are many outlets and cherry nurseries. So small farmers and fans can buy cherry trees for planting of multiple varieties. They are nurseries of a more local character where we can also find a good range of cherries. The prices of cherry trees are cheaper because Royalties are not available. They know better the varieties that are good in their area and can provide first-hand information about their behavior.

Viveros Provedo

Provedo nurseries Logo, Sale of cherry trees

Provided is a warranty cherry nursery. It has its own research programs to obtain new varieties of c irueloand peach tree. Although the sale of cherry trees is not one of the main branches of its activity. A few years ago, they had the multiplication rights for very interesting cherry varieties such as Black Star or Sweet Early.

However, today only produce patent-free cherry varieties (Burlat, Sunburst, 3-13, 5-22, Summit, Lapins) and Brooks.

They make retail sales through their stores, an aspect to be taken into account by small farmers or amateurs.

Contact Data:

Phone: 941 272 777

Nursery the Romero

El Romero is one of Murcia’s cherry tree nurseries, they have more than 30 years of experience in the organic cultivation of Apricot. A few years ago they entered the cherry sector by multiplying certified cherry varieties patent-free.

As a strong point, the rootstock used is Marilan (Mariana GF- 8-1 with intermediary Adara), certified and virus free.

They currently have a limited range of cherry varieties (Burlat, Brooks, Lapins, Bing, Dwarf). Although, they are in the process of applying for more certified varieties to Spanish research centers.

The cherry plants are available in winter to bare root. They make retail sales and make volume discount purchase.

Contact Data


Phone: 968 43 40 26


Alberola nurseries

nurseries alberola logo, buy cherry pot, sell cherryAlthough this company is not responsible for the multiplication of cherry trees, you can buy a wide range of cherry varieties that are purchased from several producing nurseries. These are the different types of cherry that they have on their online sale website:

Bing, Burlat, Heart of Pigeon, Cristobalina, Double, Garnet, Garrafal, Giant Red, Guindo, Lapins, Napoleon, New Star, Ruby, Starking, Sunburst, Summit, SweetHeart, Valldepins, Van, 0-52, 3-13, 22-8, 4-70, 4-84, 4-75, 64-76 and others.

They make sales of potted cherry and bare root (to buy during the winter). The sale in pot, may be suitable for amateurs, although at a higher price compared to purchases of bare root plants.

This system has the advantage of being able to plant at any time of the year. But, if it is done during the hot months, it is very likely that some of the cherry trees will dry out.

Contact Data:

Website, purchase of plants online:
Phone: 962 59 03 76

Gallardo Nurseries

Viveros Gallardo LogoPerform naked cherry cherry sales during the winter period. Although they don’t have a very wide range of cherry classes, in my opinion they are a good selection. Through them you can buy plants of the cherry trees Burlat, Summit, Sunburst, Sylvia, Fabrica, New star, Lapins, sweet cherry and sour cherry.

Due to their greater demand, they have these cherry varieties every year. But, if you contact them, they can get more varieties.

Nursery prices: 2017

They make sales of cherry trees with bare roots (rootstock Santa Lucia) with the following prices.

Category Extra Plants: € 4.50 + 10% VAT
Category 1st Cherry: € 4.00 + 10% VAT
Saplings of Category 2nd: € 2.70 + 10% VAT

No minimum order and shipping costs not are included in the rate.

Contact Data:

Telephone: 941 102 335and 646 408 535

Barra nurseries

Barra nurseries logoEn a family nursery with almost 100 years of history.

Within its range of rootstocks for cherry trees have the patterns “Colt” and “Avium” (Seed cherry). Vigorous rootstocks and of good characteristics for heavy and acid soils respectively.

This nursery of La Bañeza (León), has a very interesting range of traditional cherry varieties and of more recent introduction. White of Provence, Brooks, Burlat, Light Blue, Crystalline, Early Bigi, Royal Ann (Monzón), Hedelfingen, Lapins, Starking, Picota, Prime Giant, Rubí, Santina, Somerset, Summit, Sunburst, Venus.

Cherry trees for sale prices:

They have no minimum order, but the sales prices vary depending on the volume of cherry trees purchased.

They make wholesale sales of cherry trees with bare roots in Spain and Portugal. You can buy cherry trees as a result of nude of 1 year and 2 years old.

It is also possible to buy potted cherry trees (10 liters and trees 2 years).

individuals can buy cherry trees if they approach the facilities of the Nursery.

Contact Data

Phone: 987 65 59 14

Sancho Hnos Nurseries

Viveros Sancho LogoInside its section of patent-free cherry trees, in Viveros Sancho hnos. Bing varieties can be purchased, Burlat, Heart of Pigeon, Ruby, Starking, Van, Garnet, Garrafal, Lapins, Sunburst, Summit, 64-76, 22-8 and 4-84.

They also have a variety of very old cherry (Valldepins), typical of its area and little known.

Cherry trees prices: 2017

Naked root cherry trees (Prunus Mahaleb rootstock) can be purchased at the following prices.

Category Extra Plants: € 3.50 + VAT
Category 1st Cherry: € 3.10 + VAT
Saplings of Category 2nd: € 2.40 + VAT

The prices displayed are for collection in Warehouse.

Contact Data:

Phone: 977 26 12 65

Nurseries of Chile (Cherry trees and fruit trees)

These are some nurseries where we can buy rootstocks and cherry varieties in Chile.

Comalle Nurseries

Viveros Comalle LogoViveros Comalle S.A. It is a professional company with workers with extensive experience in the production of plants and sale of fruit trees (cherry, blueberries, berries…).

They also have organic certification.

Prices of cherry plants:

The plants produced by the nursery are available on rootstock Colt, Gisela 6 or Maxma 14.

The format of sale of cherry trees is in 2.4 liter pots and the available varieties are Lapins and Regina.

The price of each cherry plant is 3,500 $ (4,70 €).

Contact Data

Address: Parcela Nº 76, Comalle, Teno / Curicó (Chile).
Customer service numbers: +56 975 29 43 68 and +56 977 57 46 08

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  2. Hello from Greece!!I read your article and I found some usefull information about cherrie varieties!It would my pleasure if you can help me because I’confused with the Sabrina variety!Its a self-fertile variety but in some forums or articles they say that it has better results if you plant them with another variety?What is your opinion???? I’m looking forward to hear your response!! Yours sincerely Andreas!!

  3. Hello Andreas,

    The combination of pollen from different cherry varieties is good for increasing fruit set during pollination, especially during stressful situations. This is independent of whether the variety is self-fertile. I do not know if in Sabrina’s case this is especially pronounced. It could be due to some nutritional problem in the tree, such as that it requires a greater amount of Boron.

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