Olive tree root asphyxiation

Olive tree root asphyxiation can be a major problem in heavy and wetlands ground. The olive tree is a tree adapted to conditions of extreme drought, being able to produce on arid terrain.

However, the excess moisture in the soil, far from producing benefits, can end up suffocating the roots of the olive tree. These roots can be a focus of rot where fungi develop easily.

The sensitivity to the pooling of the olive tree depends on the variety, although in general its tolerance is low. However, the olive tree can recover quickly if the waterlogging is temporary.

Symptoms of olive tree root asphyxiation

Olive fungi Armillaria mellea and Rosellinia necatrixm, root asphyxiation Olive tree root asphyxiation weakens the olive tree occasionally causing the stop of vegetative growth. In addition to chlorosis, yellow leaves, falling olives and defoliation.

Excess moisture in the soil, along with root asphyxiation can lead to the attack of various fungi that can even lead to the end of the olive tree. Fungi such as Armillaria mellea, Corticium rolfsii, Phytophthora spp and Rosellinia necatrix produce root rot that weaken the olive tree.

The Verticillium also prefers excessively moist soils to develop.

Techniques for controlling root asphyxiation

The small seedlings have a lower tolerance against the root asphyxiation than the already grown olive trees.

It is fundamental in the plantations:

1.- Improve the drainage of the plantations or land the ground in the most susceptible areas.

2.- Control and adjust the irrigation in a balanced way, avoiding excessive irrigation.

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