Arbequina vs Picual

Arbequina vs Picual, most appropriate selectionTo decide between Arbequina vs Picual, it is necessary to be clear about the different uses of each type of oil.

There are important differences in the features of the Arbequina and Picual oil.

Its cultivation form is also very different, with Arbequina being the most present variety in the super high density olive grove.

Due to their different characteristics, we will see that each of these olive varieties, is suitable for a given application.

If we are doubting between plant olive trees of the Picual and Arbequina variety, a summary of the main characteristics is shown at the end of the article.

Arbequina vs Picual extra virgin olive oil?

Although high quality oils are obtained from Picual and Arbequina, the chemical composition and organoleptic characteristics have important differences.

As you can see, the chemical composition of Picual olive oil is better than that of Arbequina.

The high percentage of oleic acid and the highest amount of polyphenols provide a very healthy olive oil for the consumer.

Chemical CompositionArbequinaPicual
Oleic Acid72%81%
Palmitic Acid14%10%
Linoleic Acid9%4%
StabilityLowVery high

Although Picual devastates Arbequina in chemical characteristics, the Arbequina olive oil triumphs for its excellent flavor and aroma.

Organoleptic CharacteristicsArbequinaPicual
FruityVery intenseMedium

Among the aromas of the Arbequina oil can be found swamp, apple, mint and < em>green grass.

On the other hand the Picual oil when harvested early achieves aromas to tomato, fig tree, leaf of olive and grass.

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Cooking with Arbequina vs Picual?

Each olive oil has unique properties that adapt better or worse to certain uses.

Fritters Not adequateExcellent
SaladVery GoodGood
MahonesaSoftIntense flavor
Smooth flavor dishesRecommendedNot suitable
ConservasNot advisedExcellent
AliƱosVery goodNot recommended

In short, Arbequina is considered better salad oil and Picual better for frying and stewing.

Plant olive trees of the Picual or Arbequina variety?

Both varieties are high productivity. However, the Picual olive tree is better suited to traditional olive groves and intensive olive groves.

On the other hand, the Arbequina olive tree allows planting in hedge, harvesting with harvesters and achieving very high productivity and low collection costs.

Planting densityOlive grove in hedgeIntensive olive grove
ProductivityVery highVery high
FloweringSelf-fertile and averageSelf-fertile and average
RootingVery goodGood
CollectionVery earlyEarly
FormSpherical and symmetricElliptical and asymmetric
Pulp / bone ratioVery lowMedium-High
Olive yield 14-17%18-23%

As we have seen, there are important differences between Arbequina and Picual that must be examined before deciding on one or the other.

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