Cristobalina cherry

Cristobalina cherry, is a Spanish cherry tree variety, with Castellón origin. The variety also is known by the name Pigeon Heart, Heart of Pigeon or April 14. The crossing that led to the birth of this variety, probably a random pollination seed, is unknown. The first references to this variety are from year 1964. It … Read moreCristobalina cherry

Nimba cherry

Nimba cherry was obtained by SMS UNLIMITED LLC, in California (United States). Its origin an unpublished crossing. Also named SMS 290. Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) registered since 2013. The rights of exploitation of the variety, have duration until the year 2043. In Spain Viveros Ebro is the Authorized Editor for the commercialization of the … Read moreNimba cherry

Pacific Red cherry

Pacific Red Cherry developed by the research center of SMS UNLIMITED LLC, in California (United States). Also named SMS 291. Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) registered since 2013. The rights of exploitation of Pacific Red, have duration until the year 2043. In Spain Viveros Ebro is the Editor with authorization for the multiplication and commercialization … Read morePacific Red cherry

Sweet Early cherry

Sweet Early cherry (DCA BO 84.704.006) is a variety developed by the research station of the University of Bologna (Italy). The variety originated thanks to a cross made between the varieties Burlat and Sunburst. Also named Panaro 1. Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) registered since 2011. The obtain rights are valid until the year 2040. … Read moreSweet Early cherry

Carmen cherry

Carmen cherry (III 42/114), is a variety obtained by the Hungary variety improvement program. Carmen’s parents are Sarga Dragan and H203 (1999). Curiosities: Carmen is a recent cherry variety. By its origin, Carmen is currently more widespread in Germany (Publisher’s Country, Artevos). In Spain, an article from the magazine Vida Rural, from 2011, marked it … Read moreCarmen cherry

Burlat cherry

The variety of Burlat cherry, also called Early Burlat, comes from France, but its breeder is unknown. The following characteristics belong to Burlat Compat, a variety obtained through Burlat irradiation and the most widespread in Spain. Curiosities: The Burlat variety is the early reference variety in Spain. It represents an important percentage of early cherry … Read moreBurlat cherry

Marvin cherry

The variety of Marvin cherry, is a private collection made by Marvin Niess, California (United States) . It is also known by the names 4-70 or Niran. The origin of this variety is a cross between the unknown varieties. Curiosities: Marvin is a variety with important cold or winter rest requirements (greater than 900 hours). … Read moreMarvin cherry

Sandon Rose cherry

The variety of Sandon Rose Cherry is a cross between (Star x Van) with (Van x Stella ). This crossing could be compared to a cherry Cross Cristalina with Lapins . Variety obtained in Canada by the Summerland station. Curiosities: Surprising that despite its excellent characteristics, it is a little known and widespread variety. For … Read moreSandon Rose cherry

Celeste cherry

Celeste cherry, also known as Sumpaca®, was obtained by Summerland station (Canada). Obtaining was done by crossing Van and New Star (Van x Stella). Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) registered since 1997. The property rights, specific to obtaining, are valid until year 2027. Curiosities:Currently it is not a very widespread variety. They can get good … Read moreCeleste cherry

Prime Giant cherry

Prime Giant cherry, was obtained by the Marvin Niess private investigator center in California (United States). The variety was obtained thanks to a cross made between Ruby and Garnet . Prime Giant is also called Sunana. The variety was brought to Spain and began to multiply before legal registration, losing rights. In Europe planted cherry … Read morePrime Giant cherry

Giant Red cherry

Giant Red cherry, is a obtaining of the Marvin Niess private station in California ( United States ). The variety was registered through US patent during 1995. European Union variety register with the name Mariant from 2007 . The exploitation rights obtained with varietal registration of Giant Red will remain valid until the year 2037. … Read moreGiant Red cherry

Royal Tioga cherry

Royal Tioga cherry is a collection made in the United States. More specifically, at the research station of Zaiger’s Inc Genetics located in Modesto, California. Curiosities: It is a cherry variety published only a few years ago, it is very recent and is currently in the registration period. The exploitation rights of this variety in … Read moreRoyal Tioga cherry

Cherry plantation: Cultivation and Production Tips

These are, in my opinion, the keys necessary to make successful a commercial cherry plantation. In my opinion, it is not advisable to proceed to the massive planting of a variety without having sufficient data on the variety of cherry to plant. Before making a cherry plantation on a commercial scale, it is very convenient: … Read moreCherry plantation: Cultivation and Production Tips