Why do olives wrinkle on tree? Frost, deficiencies, drought…

We will analyze the different reasons why olives wrinkle on tree, drought, frost, olive pests, diseases, nutritional deficiencies, fat yield… Finding wrinkled olives in the olive tree is something that can raise our concern. Influence of drought on olive wrinkles The olive tree is a tree very drought tolerant. In times of maximum water shortage, … Read moreWhy do olives wrinkle on tree? Frost, deficiencies, drought…

Does olive oil expire? How long does it take to expire?

Although like any other food, olive oil expires, olive oil containers have no expiration date. The date that appears on the oil bottles is of preferential consumption. The preferential consumption, guarantees to the consumer that the properties of olive oil will remain in good condition until that date. After the preferred consumption date, the packer … Read moreDoes olive oil expire? How long does it take to expire?

Calories in olives…

More than 70% of the calories in olives, are contributed by the olive oil calories that they contain inside. This percentage can vary between 10 and 30% depending on the types of olive tress and the preparation made. Although they represent an important energy contribution. It should be remembered that the natural fats present in olive … Read moreCalories in olives…

Where to buy olive oil?

Buy extra virgin olive oil directly in cooperatives and oil mills is a common practice in the areas Producers However, the big food distributors (Mercadona, Carrefour, DIA, LiDL…) take the largest part of sales nationwide. The current facility to create online stores helps cooperatives and oil mills to market their olive oil outside their area of … Read moreWhere to buy olive oil?

Olive bone

The olive bone, with a calorific value of 4,100-4,450 Kcal / kg, is an energy resource of great economic interest in olive-growing areas. Although its production is insufficient for energy self-sufficiency, its influence is important in olive growing areas. As with the fatty yield of the olive, the percentage of olive bone varies. This depends … Read moreOlive bone

Gourmet olive oil

The gourmet olive oil sector has thrived in recent years. Progressively, it has been gaining market share, both nationally and internationally. Also at the online level, gourmet olive oil producers increase their impact. With the appearance of websites with content about olive oil and attractive format stores. Although it is true that, abroad, gourmet products … Read moreGourmet olive oil

Olive oil acidity

The olive oil acidity is a parameter used to measure its quality. In the past, acidity was the main indicator of quality, the valuation of olive oil in the tasting panels being unnecessary. Although other characteristics of olive oil are currently evaluated, acidity remains the benchmark. In this publication we will analyze: What is the … Read moreOlive oil acidity

Cheap olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive oil is a cheap and very healthy food. EVOO is a superfood that is increasingly demanded and recognized outside of Spain. Feed only olive oil? It is not possible, but it would be cheaper than you can imagine. We show why consuming and buying olive oil is cheap. We are going to … Read moreCheap olive oil

Arbequina vs Picual

To decide between Arbequina vs Picual, it is necessary to be clear about the different uses of each type of oil. There are important differences in the features of the Arbequina and Picual oil. Its cultivation form is also very different, with Arbequina being the most present variety in the super high density olive grove. … Read moreArbequina vs Picual

Olive oil color

The olive oil color can take different shades from the dark green to light yellow. The factors with the greatest impact on the color of the oil are the ripening of the olive, the filtered, the passage of time and the olive variety. Although the color of the oil is not a reliable measure of … Read moreOlive oil color

Olive oil for frying

Using olive oil for frying is very common in Spanish, Italian, Greek cuisine and in more and more parts of the world. Although it is not bad to fry with olive oil, it is necessary to make proper use of the oil. The properties of olive oil are lost over time and high temperatures accelerate … Read moreOlive oil for frying

Density of olive oil

The density of olive oil undergoes changes with temperature. As a result, the sale price of olive oil in wholesale markets is in kg. However, olive oil is sold to the consumer in liters. How much does a liter of oil weigh? The weight of a liter of oil can be increased by 2% and … Read moreDensity of olive oil

Olive oil calories

The olive oil calories are contributed in the form of different fatty acids. The fatty acids that make up olive oil are: Oleic acid, palmitic, linoleic and stearic. Most olive oil (≈ 98%) contains triacylglycerols (combinations of three chains of the same or different fatty acids). In the case of olive oil, triacylglycerols are made … Read moreOlive oil calories

Olive oil price

There are several factors that affect to olive oil price: stocks, present and future harvest expectations, quality, type of olive oil… To analyze the aspects that affect the olive oil price . We must distinguish between those due to the world market of olive oil and other aspects that can be controlled in part by the farmer. … Read moreOlive oil price

Types of olive oil

There are hundreds of varieties of olives that produce different types of olive oil. The taste, aroma and chemical properties of each kind of olive oil make it appropriate for certain uses (frying, cooking, dressing, canned…). The best Spanish chefs know how to take advantage of the characteristics of each extra virgin olive oil, to … Read moreTypes of olive oil

Cornicabra olive oil

Cornicabra olive oil is extracted from olives of the variety of Cornicabra olive tree. It is the most characteristic olive oil in Castilla la Mancha where it is recognized by the DOP Montes de Toledo. Curiosities: Cornicabra olives have a high resistance to detachment, an aspect that makes harvesting difficult and encourages olives to be … Read moreCornicabra olive oil