Olive oil price

There are several factors that affect to olive oil price: stocks, present and future harvest expectations, quality, type of olive oil… To analyze the aspects that affect the olive oil price . We must distinguish between those due to the world market of olive oil and other aspects that can be controlled in part by the farmer. … Read moreOlive oil price

Types of olive oil

There are hundreds of varieties of olives that produce different types of olive oil. The taste, aroma and chemical properties of each kind of olive oil make it appropriate for certain uses (frying, cooking, dressing, canned…). The best Spanish chefs know how to take advantage of the characteristics of each extra virgin olive oil, to … Read moreTypes of olive oil

Hojiblanca olive oil

The Hojiblanca olive oil is extracted from the olives harvested from the olive variety Hojiblanca. After Olive Picual and Cornicabra, Hojiblanca is the most widespread traditional variety in Spain, presenting an important oil production. Its production focuses on the provinces of Córdoba, Málaga, Sevilla and Granada. Characteristics of Hojiblanca olive oil The characteristics of Hojiblanca … Read moreHojiblanca olive oil

Arbequina olive oil

Arbequina olive oil is extracted from the olives produced by the Arbequina olive tree. Traditionally, the town of Arbeca (Lleida) was where Arbequina olive oil was produced- Although, today, the variety is widespread in Spain and the world. Arbequina olive oil characteristics The Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is aroma Very fruity and nice. fruity to … Read moreArbequina olive oil