The best Extra Virgin olive oil?

It may not be the best extra virgin olive oil in Spain, but the oil of my town is special.

best evoo, Best extra virgin olive oil, Spain

A unique and exclusive olive oil

In our olive groves, olive tree varieties Manzanilla Cacereña olive, Verdial from Badajoz and have been cultivated for centuries Cornicabra.

All of them producing olive oils of excellent quality.

The natural coupage of Olive oil Chamomile, Verdial and Cornicabra, produces an oil of high stability and maximum organoleptic quality.

A unique oil, just 1 in 5,000 bottles of olive oil produced in Spain leave my town.

Centennial olive grove

The olive cultivation in Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila), dates back several centuries. Then olive oil was a very valuable food resource for the population.

With the new times, the perception of olive oil has made a leap from a basic food product to a product of high gastronomic value.

On the other hand, the growing market of Premium Extra Virgin Olive oils is a clear indicator of the tendency to assess the quality of olive oil.

Harvest 2017-2018: The best olive oil

This year’s harvest has produced the best extra virgin olive oil in the history of the cooperative.

The best olive oil of our history, campaign 2017/2018This year has been characterized by advancing olive harvesting in mid-November. On this date, the ripeness of the olive is optimal and has allowed to obtain very high fruity during much of the campaign.

The drought has helped eliminate the threat of pests such as the olive fly and fungi such as the Anthracnose in olives. Thanks to this, the quality of the olives harvested has been excellent and the oil obtained is undoubtedly one of the best I’ve had.

The high temperatures and the absence of frost during most of the harvesting have allowed to keep the fruity of the oil in good levels throughout the harvest. Achieving 100% of the harvest of the extra virgin olive oil flight (EVOO).

Whoever tries it repeats!

Our oil is very fruity, high in oleic acid and with a balanced flavor. Thanks to its good organoleptic characteristics, it achieves excellent consumer acceptance.

Our cooperative packages and markets directly, achieving an excellent quality ratio / price of olive oil.

Cooperativa EL PUENTE
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The best Spanish olive oils usually go to the foreign market. Despite being the largest country in the world in olive oil production. Only a part of Spanish consumers have learned to value the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Are you among them?

Maximum quality: The best olive oil in Spain?

extra virgin olive, 500ml bottle, El Puente Olives Farmers Cooperative, mosque awards, bronze mosquePersonally, I am convinced that the olive oil in my town has quality necessary to compete with the best Extra Virgin olive oils in Spain.

You just have to believe it and start participating in the awards.

Only then can we achieve the recognition of being the best oil in Spain or the World.

Have you tried the exquisite olive oil of Arenas de San Pedro?

Discuss if it’s the best olive oil in Spain or at least the one you’ve consumed.

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