Cheap olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive oil is a cheap and very healthy food. EVOO is a superfood that is increasingly demanded and recognized outside of Spain.

Feed only olive oil? It is not possible, but it would be cheaper than you can imagine.

We show why consuming and buying olive oil is cheap. We are going to calculate the equivalent expense to feed ourselves during a day of olive oil alone.

Cheap olive oil: Price and daily consumption

Cheap olive oil, price, good and cheap, buy cheap oil, cheap evoo, cheap extra virgin olive oilOlive oil is one of the cheapest foods compared to the Kcal provided.

Given that the price of a liter of olive oil is approximately 4 euros, its energy value is 8,840 Kcal / kg and the oil densityis 0.916 kg / liter. A liter of oil has 8,100 Kcal. The world health organization establishes the daily energy consumption of an adult man is 2,250 Kcal and for a woman 1,750 Kcal. Rounding, 2,000 Kcal per day.

1.- We have the calories from olive oil are 8,100 Kcal per liter and 1 liter only costs € 4.

2.- The energy needs are 2,000 Kcal / day.

Therefore, for less than € 1 a day we could feed ourselves.

It is shown that the olive oil is cheap and is very economical for the consumer.


A fat intake of less than 35% of daily calories is recommended.

The olive oil should be used together with other foods, not as an exclusive food in our diet.

Performing a balanced diet is the best way to enjoy a good health. Our body requires a balanced diet of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The Mediterranean diet is the one that best uses the olive oil. Taking advantage of a cheap and very healthy product.

Save with olive oil? Run away from the cheap

Extra Virgin olive oil has a price very similar to other olive oils of lower quality and somewhat cheaper price. However, it is worth buying Extra Virgin olive oil.

Both are good products, but, If you were given Iberian ham at a price similar to that of Serrano ham, would you hesitate to buy?

Each Extra virgin olive oil has a different flavor, composition and aroma, you can discover them in the following links:

Picual olive oil, is the typical Jaén oil. Arbequina, oil more produced by the superintensive olive groveHojiblanca olive oil, this oil is very versatile. Cornicabra, typical oil of Castilla la Mancha. Manzanilla Cacereña olive oil, fruity highly valued by Italian operators.

False savings

How we have seen consuming olive oil is cheap and still is despite the fact that its price has risen to € 4/l in recent years. The per capita consumption in Spain is 8 liters per year, lower than in other countries such as Greece (16 liters per person per year).

This consumption is hardly an annual expense of € 32. The difference between consuming Extra Virgin olive oil (EVOO) versus oil Olive is only a few euros per year.

Consuming olive oil of the highest quality is cheap and highly recommended.

A ridiculous disbursement if we take into account the thousands of euros that a person spends per year on food.

Benefits of oil How much is good health worth?

Olive oil is not only cheap, it is also a superfood with excellent properties for human health.

The fatty composition rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, such as Oleic acid.

Polyphenols and natural antioxidants.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer vitamins and molecules.

Something will have to do with the properties of olive oil in which the olive tree is one of the longest trees in the world.

New properties of olive oil are discovered every year, delays mental deterioration, helps cope with diabetes, strengthens defenses, reduces blood pressure, helps cholesterol control.

Satiating properties of appetite, therefore, its consumption in raw with salads helps to weight loss.

Traditional home remedies such as olive oil with lemon and the spoonful of fasting oil have become popular in recent years.

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