Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

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The acronym EVOO is the hallmark of the highest ranking that an olive oil can receive. For an olive oil to be packaged with the acronym EVOO, it is necessary that it has no organoleptic defect.

What does EVOO mean?

EVOO is an abbreviation that means Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

What is EVOO?

Virgin olive oils (VOO), are those that are extracted only by mechanical procedures. Once the olive is in the mill, it undergoes the following mechanical processes (ground, milkshake, centrifugation or pressed).

EVOO is considered as virgin olive oil that has no organoleptic defect. Organoleptic defects are due to olives in poor condition, whether due to pests or diseases, climatic damage or excess ripening. For a virgin olive oil to be classified as Extra, you must pass a demanding tasting panel and a chemical analysis that guarantees its highest quality. On the other hand, the degree of acidity of the extra virgin olive oil can not exceed 0.8%.

Because of its properties and characteristics, the EVOO is probably the healthiest vegetable fat consumed in the world.

Other classifications that olive oil can have are:

Virgin olive oil: it must have an acidity below 2 degrees and a score below 3.5 in defects.

Lampante: is one that does not meet the conditions required for virgin olive oil. It need to go through a physical/chemical refining process and mix with virgin olive oils in order to be consumed.

On the other hand, for the extraction of the olive pomace oil, organic solvents are used to separate the fat from the alpeorujo.

Where to buy EVOO?

We can buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil in supermarkets such as WalmartMercadona, Dia, Carrefour… small shops or directly to the oil mills and farmers’cooperatives.

The good thing about buy oil directly from a cooperative, is that we can easily guarantee 100% Spanish origin of oil.

Picual, Cornicabra, Hojiblanca or Arbequina EVOO?

Picual, Cornicabra, Hojiblanca and Arbequina are the varieties of olives most cultivated in Spain. They produce different types of EVOO with characteristics highly appreciated by consumers and suitable for different uses in cooking.

EVOO for cooking

EVOO for cooking, extra virgin olive oil for cooking, toasted garlic and garlic oil dressing, salad...To know best evoo for cooking, it is necessary to know the uses that we will give and our tastes. All extra virgin olive oils are of excellent quality, regardless of the variety used.
However, the flavor, stability and fruity of the oil changes with the variety, olive care, weather, terrain

Among the most used monovarietal extra virgin olive oils for cooking, the following stand out:

Extra virgin olive oil Picual: Very suitable for fried, stews and canned for its high stability against oxidation.

It is the Jaén olive oil and the most produced in Spain.

Arbequina olive oil: with increasing production due to its high productivity in super high density olive groves. Arbequina EVOO has a mild flavor, spanish chefs usually use it in salads, toast, dressings and mayonnaise.

Although personally I have a preference for more potent olive oils. If you are not used to it, it can be a good oil to start consuming raw.

Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil: has intermediate characteristics between the Picual and Arbequina EVOO. It is a very versatile olive oil that meets well for different uses in cooking.

Cornicabra olive oil: Like Picual, it stands out for its high stability. Spanish chefs recommend use it in roasts, stews and fried foods. With a powerful spicy flavor, this feature is very interesting to take advantage of in the kitchen.

As we have seen, to correctly use EVOO for cooking. It is important to know the organoleptic characteristics of the variety and the chemical composition of the oil it produces.

There are also Multivarietal EVOO, which take on characteristics of different olive varieties. As is the olive oil from my village, one of the best oils for those who try it.

EVOO Price

The price of olive oil undergoes constant variations throughout the year. It is currently possible to buy extra virgin olive oil in carafes at about € 4/liter.

Although the price of olive oil may be higher in award-winning, millenary oils, with D.O.P or that have acquired prestige.

Ecological or organic EVOOs compensate for the loss of olive production with higher sale prices.

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