Where to buy olive oil?

Where to buy olive oil, olive oil stores, Buy oil from olive, cortijo spiritu santo, hermida oils, Cladivm, Aroden, Molino de Benamejí, oil mills, cooperatives, buy the best oils from Spain..., Where to buy olive oil ?, buy aove Buy extra virgin olive oil directly in cooperatives and oil mills is a common practice in the areas Producers However, the big food distributors (Mercadona, Carrefour, DIA, LiDL…) take the largest part of sales nationwide.

The current facility to create online stores helps cooperatives and oil mills to market their olive oil outside their area of ​​influence. With attractive designs and exquisite quality, the gourmet olive oils are attractive to the online buyer of high purchasing power. However, the largest market corresponds to buyers who are interested in the producing sector to buy extra virgin olive oil at reasonable prices. Normally stores selling olive oil have a varied range of qualities, it is also possible to buy cheap olive oil online.

Although we can currently buy olive oil through hundreds of online stores, there is still a long way to go to take full advantage of the online sale of olive oil.

Buy extra virgin olive oil: cooperatives, oil mills…

In Spain there are more than 1,000 oil mills where it is possible to buy olive oil. However, many of them are small and do not have a store for sale online, most usually take orders by phone.

To prepare the following list , information has been requested from more than 200 stores belonging to cooperatives and mills. Although only a small percentage have kindly responded to our request for information within the indicated period. This makes us think that many of these websites have little activity and are not sufficiently well served.

Shops to buy olive oil online

The following olive oil stores have demonstrated a good communications management. Aspect that we consider indicative of a good capacity to respond to the demands of the online client.

Farmhouse Oil Spiritu_Santo

Buy olive oil Cortijo Spiritu_SantoCortijo Spiritu_Santo is a ecological olive farm of 60 hectares located in Úbeda (Jaén). It began its journey in 2013 and currently produces on average 40 tons of organic extra virgin olive oil.

Its cultivation form is ecological and traditional. They control the whole process from the pruning of the olive tree to the commercialization and take care of all the details to get a oil of singular character of the highest quality. 90% of its olive trees are of the variety Picual and the remaining 10% Arbequina.

They make the harvest in October and have their own oil mill located in the heart of the farm. They pack olive oil in an artisanal way at the mill’s facilities. Also, they have containers of a attractive design that give added value to their exquisite oil. They have two ranges of products, both with the same quality but with different prices depending on the design.

The Picual olive oil Cortijo Spiritu_Santo has a level of medium fruity with medium intensity of bitter and spicy. Among the attributes we can highlight the freshly cut green grass, tomatera, artichoke, etc.
On the other hand, the Arbequina olive oil has a medium fruity also, with a level of medium spicy and low bitter. Among its attributes are banana, apple, etc.

Oil Cortijo Spiritu_Santo has ecological certification and has been awarded the most prestigious awards in the sector: Jaén Selección, Evooleum, Biofach, Ecotrama, Los Angeles, Sol d´Oro, etc.

In addition to being able to buy olive oil online, it is possible to sponsor olive trees and guided visits to the olive grove and mill are made.

Contact information

Website: cortijoespiritusanto.com
Phones: 953776256611063159618041257
Email: info@cortijoespiritusanto.com

Aceites Hermida, S.L.

logo Aceites Hermida, online store selling olive oilHermida Oils, is a family business located in Esquivias (Toledo). An area recognized for the extraordinary quality of the oil produced. Its history has been linked for generations to the cultivation of the olive grove and the production of extra virgin olive oil.

In 1940, the grandfather of the current owners made the construction of the oil mill, which currently has the most innovative production techniques.

Brothers Pedro and Emilia retain the same family principles, demanding maximum quality for their extra virgin olive oils. So, they only pack the best oils with the Hermida brand.

The typical variety of the area is Cornicabra, although they also make Arbequina, Picual and a bit of Arróniz.

Extra virgin olive oil bottled under our brand Hermida, has a level of medium-high fruity, slightly bitter and spicy flavor, typical of Cornicabra olive oil produced in the area.

In the online store, for purchases of olive oil over € 250, are the shipping included.

Contact Data

Website: aceiteshermida.com
Phone: 925 520 032
Email: info@aceiteshermida.com

Aceites Aroden Hispania, S.L.

logo Aceites Aroden Hispania, SL, shop to buy oil oliveARODEN is a company specialized in the production, packaging and sale of high quality extra virgin olive oils since 2002. By cultivating its own olive groves (934 ha, with about 85,000 centenary olive trees ), completely control the olive oil production process. The mill is located in the municipality of Carcabuey (Córdoba), with its production protected by the Protected Designation of Origin”Priego de Córdoba”.
They cultivate the three olive varieties typical of the Hojiblanca area, Picudo and Picual.
The mill has great prestige and numerous national and international awards. Among those that can be highlighted the Prize of the Ministry for the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil”Bitter Green Fruits”received in 2009 or the Gold Medal of the New York International Olive Oil Competition, which has received the last 5 years (2014-2018).

-Uses 2 brands to package and sell their production:

Cladivm to sell your Premium olive oils (2 options: 100% Hojiblanco and 100% Picudo). Intense monovarietal of the highest range, belonging to the Protected Designation of Origin”Priego de Córdoba”and endorsed by numerous awards.
It is packaged in elegant 100, 250 and 500 ml glass bottles and in 2-liter cans. Because of its cache, among the best extra virgin olive oils in the world, it is recommended to consume raw.

Don Gil Village Extra virgin of excellent quality, at a more competitive price. Coupage oil ripe fruity of three olive varieties: Hojiblanca, Picual and Picuda, softer in intensity and more mature than the monovarietals we pack in CLADIVM. The purchase of this olive oil is recommended both for consumption in the kitchen, and for taking it raw. It is sold in glass bottles (500 ml and 1 liter), 2 liter bottles and 5 liter cans.

Contact Data

Website: aroden.com
Phones: 957 720 120 and 655 324 265
Email: info@aroden.com

Almazara Molino de Benamejí

Almazara Molino de Benamejí, logo, year 1942Molino de Benamejí, is a family business with activity since 1942. It is located in the municipality of Benamejí (Córdoba). Thanks to their experience and good work, they manage to produce olive oils of excellent quality.

The majority of the olive grove is traditional, rainfed and irrigated, with a significant proportion of centuries-old olive groves.

They produce Hojiblanca monovarietal olive oil, of medium bitterness, fruity aroma and good resistance to oxidation. With an emerald golden green color and exquisite flavor, the oil is versatile and is recommended both for frying and for taking it raw. Thanks to its characteristics, the buyers of Hojiblanca oil tend to be very faithful to the consumption of this variety.

They have different formats for the sale of olive oil, which can be purchased through their online store. Packaged with the”benameji mill“brand in glass, bottles and bricks between 250 ml and 20 liters capacity.

Among other aspects to highlight, Molino de Benamejí Oils are produced under the D.O.P. Lucena oil. In addition, during the year 2019 they have obtained the ecological certification.

Promotions online store to buy olive oil

Currently, shipping are included for purchases of olive oil over € 100 (shipments in Peninsula).

Contact Data

Website: molinodebenameji.es
Phone: 957 530 057
Email: info@molinodebenameji.es

Jacoliva oil mill

Jacoliva is an Extremadura mill located in Pozuelo de Zarzón (Cáceres). Founded in 1868, its more than 150 years of experience are a guarantee of its good work.

The main crop in the region is traditional dry land olive groves and the variety of olive tree Manzanilla Cacereña. Like the mill, many of the olive groves in the area are centenarians. In addition, farmers have certified olive groves for the organic olive oil production.

Thanks to its firm commitment to quality, the oils produced by Jacoliva have managed to obtain numerous national and international awards.
Extreme Selection 2019 (Ecological EVOO), Golden Mosque 2018, Silver medal OliveJapan 2018, etc…

The extraordinary quality that gives the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Manzanilla, helps in obtaining these awards.

On the other hand, they have the D.O.P Gata Hurdes, under which they produce 100% Manzanilla Cacereña olive oil, cold extraction.

Lagar Del Soto is the brand used to bottle and sell its organic production of extra virgin olive oil.

Other products

In addition to extra virgin olive oil, they sell innovative products through their online store.

Highlights its cosmetic section (OlivaOlivae brand), with products made from organic extra virgin olive oil. Being possible to buy shampoo, body wash, face cream, body milk, lip balm, scrub creams, for hand, feet

Contact Data

Website: jacoliva.com
Telephone: 927 448 011
Email: info@jacoliva.com

Martita Oils

Logo Aceites martita, Santa Marta Agrícola Sur, S.L.Martita Oils is the trademark of a small family farm company (Santa Marta Agrícola Sur, S.L.). They have centenary dryland olive groves in the Cordoba municipalities of Espejo and Montilla. With tradition olive centenary, this family has started marketing their product in 2018, with carefully selected small oil items of the best trees of their olive groves

All the oil in this teaching comes from centenary dryland olive groves, located in very limestone lands. They produce high quality oil, notable for its fresh flavor and obtained from green olives, before ripening, in Early Harvest.

It is possible to buy through its website two different ranges of its Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • Coupage “Pícara”: for their production they select a game of the best Picual olives from their olive grove located in Espejo , in the olive grove Comarca de Baena and they join it with a game of Picuda olives. Picual oil provides stability and resistance to oxidation, an intense flavor, bitter and spicy notes, marked aroma of olive, tomato and fig. meanwhile, the picudo olive oil, provides balance and sweetness and is responsible for fruity notes of apple and almond.
  • Monovarietal oil “Immature”: To produce this oil they collect from the olive grove of Montilla, a city well known for its excellent wines, a game of Hojiblanca olive. The Hojiblanca variety allows them to produce a fresh and balanced olive oil, with a mild flavor, fruity herb and slight bitterness to green fruit, with a spicy touch in the throat and an almond-like aftertaste.

Promotions as of May 2019

Currently, they have an active discount of 10% for the purchase of 6 or more bottles, of any of the varieties, for new buyers, with the AOVECENT code, as well as a Gift Box with 1 bottle of 500ml.

of each variety for only € 16. In addition, shipping is included for purchases over € 25.

Contact Information

Website: martita.es

Phone: 644 73 82 04

Email: martita.andalucia@gmail.com

Include your store

At the moment, this publication is open to include new online stores selling oil.

Do you have an oil mill or cooperative? Do you sell olive oil online ?

How can I enter this list of olive oil stores ?

Make a comment on this page or use our contact form:

In addition, we need the contact information, we need to include the following data.

1.- Company information (history, location…), characteristics of the oil produced, awards received and other information of interest.

2.- Types of olive oil available, varieties (Picual, Arbequina, Camomile, Cornicabra…), ecological, millenary, cold extraction…

3.- Information about the minimum order, shipping costs

After receiving the required information, we adapt it to our content. Finally, before publishing, we will inform the interested party to confirm that all the data is correct.

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