Does olive oil expire? How long does it take to expire?

Olive oil expire, preferred consumption date, how long does extra virgin olive oil last, how long does olive oil last after expiration date, how long does sealed olive oil lastAlthough like any other food, olive oil expires, olive oil containers have no expiration date. The date that appears on the oil bottles is of preferential consumption.

The preferential consumption, guarantees to the consumer that the properties of olive oil will remain in good condition until that date.

After the preferred consumption date, the packer does not guarantee that olive oil retains its characteristics (smell, flavor…).

This does not mean that olive oil has expired and cannot be consumed.

How long does it take to expire olive oil?

The time it takes for the olive oil to expire depends on the variety of olives harvested and their condition when they reach the oil mill.

The presence of antioxidants and polyphenols is greater when olives are harvested green. These help increase the oxidation resistance and shelf life of olive oil.

The healthy olives, free of the olive pests and diseases, produce higher quality oils and life time.

Although the fundamental aspect is the percentage of oleic acid in olive oil. This percentage varies between 60 and 80% and the olive variety has a great influence.

Thus, for example, Cornicabra olive oil, Picual, Verdial, Camomile Cacereña… They have high percentage of oleic acid and are < strong>very resistant to oxidation. In good condition, these olive oils can perfectly retain their organoleptic properties for more than 2 years.

In contrast, the Arbequina olive oil, Sikitita, Blanqueta… contains less oleic acid. Therefore, the oil gets dirty more easily and has difficulties to keep for more than a year. In addition, once opened, contact with air can deteriorate them, which is why these oils are not usually sold in 5 liter bottles.

The container and place of conservation are important. Dark containers protect olive oil from the sun’s rays, and high temperatures are also harmful. Ideally, keep the oil in a cool, dark place.

When does olive oil really expire?

Olive oil expires and is no longer suitable for human consumption when it becomes dirty. Although the antioxidant content can stop oxidation. Prolonged exposure to oxygen from the air, the sun’s rays and high temperatures ends up causing olive oil to thicken.

How to recover rancid olive oil?

Unfortunately, today there is no way to recover a stale olive oil. However, if possible use it for other purposes. For example, we can make soda soap or if we are nostalgic as a oil lamp fuel.

Can you use expired olive oil?

With the expiration date or, more correctly, the best before date indicated on the extra virgin olive oil, we are assured that the product will maintain its properties until that day. This does not mean that precisely when the date expires the olive oil becomes bad, but rather that the packer does not guarantee that it will continue to be extra virgin olive oil. For this reason, “expired” olive oil can generally be used without problem. Obviously, when olive oil becomes rancid, it is no longer suitable for consumption and its consumption would be harmful, although this usually happens long after the best-before date has passed.

On the other hand, if we do not want to consume expired olive oil, there are many uses that we can give it to avoid wasting our purchase.

How long can you use olive oil after expiration date?

This will depend a lot on the place where the olive oil is stored and the variety of olive from which it has been extracted. Very stable oil varieties such as Picual or Manzanilla Cacereña can be kept in good condition even several years after the best-before date. Is it ok to use expired olive oil, but it is important that it does not taste rancid, that would indicate that it has degraded and lost its healthy properties.

What to do with expired olive oil? Make soap!

Do not worry! Although olive oil has expired, it will still be useful.

With olive oil, make natural soap of the highest quality.

Also known as soda soap. In the past it was common to take advantage of frying oil and other fats to produce soap. However, these fats could contain impurities and unpleasant odors. Therefore, the quality of the soap obtained used to leave much to be desired.

Hardly comparable to the quality soap we can get using extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

No matter how expired you are, we can get good results.

In addition, olive oil is increasingly used in creams , shampoos , gel… for its good skin properties.


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