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Gourmet olive oil, olive oil cold pressed olive, blanqueta olive oilThe gourmet olive oil sector has thrived in recent years. Progressively, it has been gaining market share, both nationally and internationally.

Also at the online level, gourmet olive oil producers increase their impact. With the appearance of websites with content about olive oil and attractive format stores.

Although it is true that, abroad, gourmet products are more in demand and are willing to pay more for a good Extra Virgin olive oil. In Spain, considerable progress has been made in the integration of olive oil in the gourmet sector.

Without a doubt, produce gourmet quality products is a good way to add added value to the olive oil sector. And it is the right direction that the most lucid producers are taking.

The sale of gourmet olive oil, through online stores such as 9oliveres is booming. Recently I had the pleasure of trying your Blanqueta olive oil and it has been a very pleasant experience.

Gourmet olive oil differentiation

Gourmet olive oils use different points to differentiate themselves from the rest of olive oils.

Early harvest

When the olives are harvested green, they get olive oils with a more marked fruity. Although the olives yield is lower, the higher oil quality and avoid unstable olive production, compensate the farmer. These reasons have favored important advances in the olive harvest time.

Cold pressed oil

The cold olive oil extraction process (without adding heat during the shake) helps to better preserve the fruity ones of the olive oil. Allowing gourmet olive oil to generally have a high level of fruity. Although, cold extraction lowers the fat yields obtained, it allows us to obtain a EVOO of higher quality.

Design and materials used in packaging

He flees the use of plastic materials and opts for opaque glass and metal cans. These materials are more inert and offer better protection against oxidation than plastic. In addition, it invests in design and labeling so that the appearance of the product is more attractive and elegant. A good container brings to the gourmet olive touches of distinction and quality. Also, small packages are used so that the price of the experience is not prohibitive.

Monovarietal olive oil

A large part of the olive oil found in gourmet stores is produced using a single olive variety. Each variety brings particular characteristics to the oil that help it distinguish itself. In addition, the less abundant olive varieties are more exclusive and can afford higher selling prices.

Organic olive oil

Organic olive oil, also known as organic, is very well valued today. Extra organic virgin olive oils, with higher quality open space in the gourmet sector, reaching very high prices.

Cultivation of ancient olive trees

The extra virgin olive oil produced by ancient and ancient olive trees has also been valued. The collection of millenary olive trees from Santander Bank, is an example of the interest aroused in the production of this type of olive oil. The high valuation of these oils is essential for the conservation of the oldest olive groves.

Awards and awards received

Of course, the award-winning olive oils help to improve the prestige and recognition of the producer. Depending on the impact of the prize obtained, the demand for oil will increase to a greater or lesser extent and with it the sale price of olive oil..

Unfiltered olive oil

Although the filtering of olive oil helps in its conservation, it is true that with the filtering interesting characteristics of extra virgin olive oil are lost.

Therefore, this type of oils is increasingly demanded in the gourmet sector. Although, the date of preferred consumption of olive oil is reduced and dips appear. The more intense flavor and fruity can favor the purchase of unfiltered olive oils.

Exclusive editions

Some mills and cooperatives use the best olive items to produce exclusive editions of olive oil. This selection allows to obtain olive oils of excellent quality, suitable for submitting to competitions and satisfying the most demanding clients.

Use of gourmet brands

In order to differentiate their range of items, olive oil producers and packers design specific brands for the packaging of their gourmet products.

Purchase prices of gourmet olive oil

The cheapest purchase prices for gourmet olive oil are usually around € 7-10 / liter. Monovarietal olive oils, exclusive varieties and millenary olive groves can exceed € 20 / liter. Outside of Spain, there are exclusive editions of extra virgin Italian olive oil at more than € 30 / liter.

In the Gourmet Club section of El Corte Inglés, we can find exclusive editions of gourmet olive oil at prices between € 40 and € 50 / liter.

Although from the point of view of a small producer, these prices can be prohibitive. For luxury restaurants, wealthy people and lovers of Premium olive oil, these are acceptable prices. And it is better not to put a price on the experience of consuming a gourmet olive oil.


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