Drinking olive oil for weight loss

Drinking olive oil for weight loss, olive oil for weight loss, olive oil healthy olive, health benefits extra virgin olive oilRecently it has been shown that drinking olive oil and eat almonds among other foods, help produce a state of satiety in our body, which can take advantage of weight loss. This property allows us to use olive oil to lose weight.

The consumption of fasting olive oil and olive oil with lemon are some of the home remedies to lose weight, which is often found when We search on the properties of olive oil to lose weight.

New properties of Extra Virgin olive oil are discovered every year. Being the olive oil, a cheap food that provides excellent benefits >to our health.

Does olive oil make you fat or help you lose weight?

It is true that consume extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) It can help you lose weight or lose weight, helping to reduce obesity. But only if we take advantage of the power of satiation that olive oil has.

It is not valid to think that olive oil helps to lose weight on its own. If we are going to get crammed with food, simply by consuming olive oil, without any will, we will not be able to lose weight.

If we believe that simply by consuming olive oil we are going to lose weight, we are going the wrong way.

Olive oil helps to satisfy our appetite, but if we think that by taking olive oil we can eat more and we will not get fat, we are wrong.

How to take advantage of the properties of olive oil to lose weight?

Only if our weight exceeds the recommendations established by the WHO, can we consider weight loss as an objective and take advantage of the properties of drinking olive oil for weight loss. Otherwise, we can enjoy its consumption without moderation.

Setting for example breakfast, if we can go on to consume:

2 toasts with hydrogenated fats, only 1 with extra virgin olive oil.

We will gain in health and we can lose weight by consuming olive oil.

Olive oil helps us to satiate ourselves before the consumption of other foods. But without the will to stop eating in due course, we will not be able to lose weight.

Is it good to consume olive oil?

Although we don’t need to lose weight, the olive oil is a very healthy food, which we should keep in mind in our diet.

Every day more studies appear on the beneficial properties of olive oil.

Beyond its properties of olive oil to lose weight, it has been shown that the consumption of extra virgin olive oil in raw (salads, dressings, toast, gazpacho…) is more beneficial for the body than other fats. Olive oil Arbequina, Manzanilla Cacereña, Hojiblanca, among others are often used for raw consumption.

For preserves, fry and stew, it is better to buy olive oils with high oleic acid content, to be more stable at high temperatures. The Picual olive oil, Cornicabra, Verdial de Badajoz… are oils of excellent characteristics We can buy for this use.


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