Peranzana Olive tree

Peranzana olive tree is an Italian variety of little diffusion. Its area of ​​traditional influence is Apulia (Northeast of Foggia). Its characteristics are good for dressing and insufficient for oil production, although this is of good quality. In Apulia, varieties such as Cipressino, Coratina or Carolea, are productively more interesting. Names or synonyms: the Peranzana olive tree … Read morePeranzana Olive tree

Ogliarola Messinese olive tree

Ogliarola Messinese olive tree is widely spread in Sicily (place of which it is native), especially in the northern area of ​​Sicila (Palermo and Messina), with areas where the presence of Messinese in the Olive grove accounts for more than 80%. Within Sicily it is widespread, even in the south (Agrigento) and center (Enna). It is also … Read moreOgliarola Messinese olive tree

Bosana Olive Tree

Bosana olive tree is the cultivar most widespread and popular traditional of Sardinia. In the northern and central area of ​​Sardinia ( Nurra, Marghine, Sassari, Planargia…), the main olive groves of Bosana are located. The good adaptation to the intensive olive grove, facilitates its current propagation within Sardinia. Internationally, its productive behavior is being studied … Read moreBosana Olive Tree

Nocellara del Belice olive tree

Nocellara del Belice olive tree, is an extended variety in Western Sicily where it is used for double purposes. It receives its name because it is originally from the Belice Valley southwest of Sicily. Although it is especially appreciated as a table olive, it also produces an olive oil of excellent organoleptic characteristics, increasingly demanded. The … Read moreNocellara del Belice olive tree

Piricuddara Olive tree

The variety of olive Piricuddara, is a variety native to Sicily. It is distributed in several areas of Sicily (Agrigentino (Cianciano, Calamonaci and Lucca Sicula), Palermo and Caltanissetta). Curiosities: The production of Piricuddara olive oil is very low due to the reduced area of ​​influence and limited diffusion of the variety. Names or synonyms: Piricuddara … Read morePiricuddara Olive tree

Roggianella olive tree

Roggianella olive tree represents a millenary traditional olive grove (cultivation of around ten centuries of history). It is one of the most widespread varieties in Calabria, thanks to its good adaptation and resistance to diseases. Within Calabria, the variety is widespread in Cosenza, Ionian, Pollinica, Tirreno… Curiosities: The name Biancolilla is due to the white … Read moreRoggianella olive tree

Taggiasca olive tree

Taggiasca olive tree has several PDOs and its oil is highly valued by consumers. Taggiasca is the main olive variety of the Liguria region, within the province of Imperia, practically only this variety is cultivated. Some Italian olive varieties: Pendolino, Frangivento, Moraiolo, Leccino, Carolea, Frantoio… Curiosities: The name comes from the municipality of Taggia (located in … Read moreTaggiasca olive tree

Cassanese olive tree

Cassanese Olive tree, is a Italian variety, mainly spread in the area of ​​the Cosenza province (north of Calabria). It is a variety with good characteristics for dressing in black and acceptable for the production of olive oil. Italian olive varieties for oil production: Pendolino, Leccino, Cipressino, Moraiolo, Carolea, Frantoio… Names or synonyms: The Cassanese … Read moreCassanese olive tree

Morisca olive tree

Morisca olive tree, is a fairly widespread variety in Spain, although its characteristics against diseases are limited, it adapts well to drought. In Spain, the most important plantations are found in southern Badajoz and northern Seville. Outside of Spain, it has an important presence in Alentejo (region of southern Portugal adjacent to Badajoz and northwest … Read moreMorisca olive tree

Dolce Agogia olive tree

The olive Dolce Agogia, is an Italian olive tree variety, mainly cultivated in Umbria, is generally used for the olive oil production, although they can also be consumed as olives blacks (dehydrated with salt). Curiosities: The name Dolce is due to the sweet taste of the extracted olive oil. The olive trees are old and … Read moreDolce Agogia olive tree

Coratina olive tree

The cultivation of Olive Coratina, has characteristics favorable to the production of olive oil. The variety has its origin in the Italian province of Apulia (Plugia), where it is one of the main varieties. Its oil is of very high quality and easily adapts to various environments. Despite its good characteristics, the variety has barely … Read moreCoratina olive tree

Olive Harvest

The decision about olive harvest season varies depending on various conditions. Degree of maturation, fat yield, climatic conditions. So, when olives are harvested to eat, the olives are harvested green from the tree. However to produce oil, the start of the season is delayed, to increase fat yield. The decision about the beginning of the … Read moreOlive Harvest

How to Prune an Olive Tree

Learning how to prune an olive tree may seem simple. However, pruning the olive grove in the most appropriate way is something that requires good training, lots of practice and experience. Trimming olive trees is an art with different techniques: training pruning of the olive tree, pruning maintenance and pruning of renovation. When the olive trees are cut … Read moreHow to Prune an Olive Tree

Cherry characteristics

The new varieties have achieved significant improvements in the characteristics of cherry and cherry. Canadian and European Canadian research centers have managed to obtain new varieties of cherry with excellent characteristics. The most valued characteristics of a variety of cherry trees are: precocity, productivity, resistance and production of quality cherries. Some cherry varieties with interesting … Read moreCherry characteristics