Pizz’e Carroga Olive Tree

Pizz'e Carroga olive treePizz’e Carroga Olive Tree is the original variety of Sardinia. The main location of the olive grove is located south of Sardinia (Villacidrese, Parteolla and Marmilla) and to a lesser extent in Sarcidano and Ogliastra. The characteristics of the variety support a mixed use, both for oil and for table.

There are numerous olive varieties, such as: Moraiolo, Frantoio, Koroneiki, Hojiblanca, Picual

Names or synonyms: the olive tree Pizz’e Carroga, is also known by: Pizzu de Carroga, Oliva Bianca, Puntuta, Puntuda, Becco di Cornacchia, Carroga, Bianca di Villacidro and Oliva di Villacidro.

Characteristics of the Pizz’e Carroga Olive Tree

Productivity: The Pizz’e Carroga olive variety is medium precocity and high productive capacity.

Regularity of bearing: On the other hand, Pizz’e Carroga is an olive variety of little regular production (vecera).

Flowering: Pizz’e Carroga olive tree is partially self-compatible and medium flowering. Ovarian abortion is medium. The curd is improved using as pollinator varieties Tondo di Cagliari and Bosana.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: The olive variety Pizz’e Carroga has medium vigor, open bearing and low cup density.

Leaf: The olive tree Pizz’e Carroga has the elliptic-lanceolate leaf of medium size.

Diseases: Carroga is sensitive to fly, peacock spot and olive knot.

Multiplication: The Pizz’e Carroga plant has good rooting capacity. This is a positive aspect for multiplication in the olive nurseries.

Olive Pizz’e Carroga, morphological characteristics

Maturation: Pizz’e Carroga is a variety of olives from early maturation.

Size: Pizz’e Carroga olive olives are large size (6 grams).

Shape: Pizz’e Carroga olive variety has an elliptical and asymmetric shape, with a nipple.

Skin color: Pizz’e Carroga olive, matures violet-red color. It has few lenticels and small size.

Pulp: is a variety locally appreciated for dressing. It has good pulp / bone ratio and is easy to detach the bone from the pulp, in addition, the processing time is faster than other varieties.
However, its shelf life is limited and the skin is sensitive to handling damage.

Yield: Carroga olive olives have medium-low yield.

Collection: Pizz’e Carroga has low shear resistance.

Uses: Although it supports a dual use, it has traditionally been used for the production of table olives.

Advantages: high productivity.

Disadvantages: Olive variety vecera, low oil yield, sensitivity to diseases

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