Cherry crop risks

Cherry crop risks hail, cherry tree cultivation, hail damage, green cherries, emergency treatment with healing Captan
Picture taken in Garganta la Olla (Spain). May 18, 2018

Cherry is a very delicate and climate sensitive fruit, so the risks to which. The cherry crop risks faces are numerous.

The farmer has phytosanitary treatments for cherry care and do in the face of some situations, reducing the risks of losses.

However, in certain cases, it will not be possible to do anything to recover the cherry crop. In addition to knowing how to grow cherries, the farmer needs some fortune to have a good campaign.

Next, we will analyze the most important risks of planting and growing cherry trees. If you click on the existing links you will be able to access information useful for the cultivation of cherry trees.

Damage in the flowering season

cherry blossoms with moniliaDuring the flowering season of the cherry tree, cherry production can be reduced by frost, Monilia (loss of flowers) and bad weather (prevents pollinator activity).

For its part, the farmer should favor pollination by planting cherry varieties compatible with each other.

Cherry crop risks existing during the maturation phase

Once the cherry is curdled, time can cause significant damage. Rains force us to perform preventive treatments against fungi ( Screening, Gnomonia, Anthracnose…).

Hail storm, cherry tree damage
Hail damage in Garganta la Olla (Cáceres)

High temperatures favor the formation of hail storms that can completely damage the cherry crop. This is the case at dawn on Friday, May 18. When isolated hail storms have caused significant damage in various areas of Garganta la Olla and the Jerte Valley.

In some cases a part of the hail damage, can be alleviated if immediate treatments with fungicides healing such as the well-known Captan. However, the presence of brands reduces the value and sale price of cherries.

During this period, it is also important to be aware, to keep important pests at bay like the cherry aphid.

Cherry cultivation: Loss during ripening

The rain is possibly the highest risk facing cherry growing. Most cherry varieties are sensitive to cracking, especially when they are changing color.

During this phase, even varieties that are more resistant to cracking may suffer damage of some consideration.

Fungi take advantage of open wounds in cherries and can cause damage by Monilia even in previously healthy cherries.

During this stage, the farmer must also be alert to the attacks of cherry tree pests such as the Drosophila suzukii and the cherry fly that can cause large profitability losses when not controlled preventively.

Insurance contracting

In the past, agricultural insurance was subsidized to favor its hiring, protecting farmers from weather risks. Ensuring cherry production was commonplace. However, today, insurance prices have increased, being less and less hired by farmers.

Even so, the hiring of insurance is essential for farmers whose way of life is to grow cherry trees and cannot afford to take risks.


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