Majatica di Ferrandina olive tree

Majatica di Ferrandina olives, Bag of olive olives seasoned Majatica di FerrandinaMajatica di Ferrandina olive tree, also known as Maiatica di Ferrandina and other names, is an Italian variety of double aptitude. Due to its difficult adaptation to other environments, the olive grove is distributed almost exclusively in the Italian region of Basilicata.

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Names or synonyms: the olive tree is also known Majatica di Ferrandina with the names: Gentile, Maiatica, Pasola, Maiatica Di Ferrandina, Oliva Dolce, Gentile di Matera, Materana, Maggiatica, Oliva di Ferrandina and Paesana.

Characteristics of the Olivo Majatica di Ferrandina

The olive tree Majatica di Ferrandina, is a variety of difficult adaptation to the climatic conditions and of the soil, present outside the Italian region of Basilicata.

Productivity: the variety Majatica di Ferrandina, has medium precocity and high production.

Regularity of bearing: The Majatica di Ferrandina olive tree has alternating productions (it is true).

Flowering: Majatica di Ferrandina is a variety self-compatible and early flowering. A significant number of flowers have ovarian abortion (25%).

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Maiatica di Ferrandina olive variety has high vigor and erect bearing. The cup density is thick.

Leaf: the olive tree class Maiatica di Ferrandina, has a leaf of elongated length, medium width and elliptic-lanceolate shape.

Diseases: The Majatica di Ferrandina olive tree is sensitive to the, the fly and the tuberculosis. It shows a medium tolerance to cold, but is also sensitive to drought.

Multiplication: has good rooting ability.

Majatica di Ferrandina olive, morphological characteristics

The Majatica di Ferrandina olive, currently, is used both for the elaboration of table olives (very well valued in the Gourmet sector), and in the production of olive.

Bag of dehydrated black olives

Maturation: Maiatica di Ferrandina produces olives of late and staggered ripening.

Size: The Majatica di Ferrandina olive tree produces olives of medium size (2.5-3 grams).

Shape: Majatica di Ferrandina olive, is slightly asymmetric, elliptical and absent nipple.

Skin color: when mature, Maiatica di Ferrandina reaches the black color. It has small and numerous lenticels.

Pulp: is very much appreciated for its traditional preparation as dehydrated black olives. They have high pulp / bone ratio (5.6) and it is easy the separation of bone and pulp.

Yield: Maiatica di Ferrandina olive produces olives with high fat yield (22%).

Uses: Olives can be used for both dressing and olive oil production.

Advantages: Mixed use, high production.

Disadvantages: sensitive to diseases.

It does not adapt well to other areas.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Majatica di Ferrandina

Olive oil Extra Virgin Majatica di Ferrandina, Majatica evoo, Majatica olive oilThe Extra Virgin Olive Oil Majatica di Ferrandina, has a medium-light fruity level, with bitter and spicy touches of Light to medium intensity.

Sensations: highlights its herbaceous aroma, in addition, it is possible to distinguish aromas of green almond, tomato and artichoke.

Properties: The composition of the Majatica Di Ferrandina olive oil is 8% linoleic acid (medium content), 75% oleic acid (high amount) and high presence of polyphenols (390).

Price: Majatica monovarietal olive oil can be purchased at prices of € 8-16 / liter. Prices that focus the product on the sector gourmet olive oil.

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