Grignan Olive tree

Grignan olive tree, Variety of Grignan olive treeGrignan olive tree is a variety of Italian origin (Frantoio, Moraiolo, Carolea, Rosciola, Lazzero…). The plant is very rustic and easily adapts to the olive groves present in northern Italy. The olives produced by the Grignan olive tree are used for the production of olive oil. Most of the Grignan olive grove is distributed throughout the regions of Lombardy and Veneto.

Names or synonyms: The Grignan olive tree is also known for: Negrar, Gargnan, Gregnara, Gargnà, Bersan and Gargnano.

Characteristics of the Grignan Olive Tree

The Grignan olive tree, grows slowly and has little vigor, interesting aspect for the olive tree of high density, however, its productivity inferior to other varieties does not support its plantation.

Productivity: The Grignan olive variety is early and its productivity is medium.

Regularity of bearing: It can be said that Grignan olive is not very true.

Flowering: Grignan is a variety of self-sterile and early flowering olives. Pollen emission is medium-low and ovarian abortion is medium. They are used as pollinators Leccino, Casaliva, Pendolino and Trepp.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Grignan is of low vigor, vertical bearing and low crown. Does not tolerate excessive pruningwell, producing a large number of pacifiers (vigorous and non-fruitful branches)

Leaf: The Grignan olive variety has a broad width, short length and elliptical shape.

Diseases: the Grignan olive tree has good resistance to cold, the repilo and the tuberculosis, on the other hand, is sensitive to attacks of fly.

Multiplication: The Grignan olive class has high rooting capacity.

Grignan olive, morphological characteristics

Maturation: The Grignan olive tree is ripe and synchronized early.

Size: The Grignan variety produces small-medium sized olives (2-3 grams).

Shape: Grignan olive has an elliptical and symmetrical shape, with an absent nipple.

Skin color: when ripe, the Grignan olive is black-violet. With scarce and small lenticels

Pulp: insufficient size and quality for dressing.

Yield: Grignan olive has an average yield (16%).

Collection: The Grignan olive tree has low resistance to detachment. On the other hand, the natural fall of olives is of relevant consideration.

Uses: Olives are destined for oil mills to produce olive oil.

Advantages: good disease resistance.
Constant production.

Disadvantages: Insufficient fat performance.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Grignan

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Grignan, also known as Gargnà, is an Italian oil of medium-intense, bitter and spicy fruity.

Grignan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250ml bottle, single width, Grignan evoo, Grignan olive oilSensations: highlights the smell of green grass and artichoke, with softer notes of fresh almond and tomato.

Properties: The Grignan olive oil has a high amount of oleic acid (76%).

Price: Grignan monovarietal olive oil can be found at prices of up to € 70 / liter.

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