Cucco olive tree

Cucco olive tree, Cucco olivesCucco olive tree is a Italian olive variety of good characteristics for dressing and olive oil production.

The usual area in which the olive grove Cucco is located, is within the Abruzzo region, mainly, the provinces of Chieti and Pescara.

The Cucco variety is also widespread in the Molise region, although to a lesser extent.

Curiosities: represents around 15% of the olive trees located within its cultivation area.

Other varieties: Frantoio, Leccino, Picual, Cornicabra, Hojiblanca.

Names or synonyms: The Cucco olive tree is also known for: Francavinese, Olivoce, Coglioni di Gallo, Chietina, Cucca, Testicolo di Gallo, Francavillese, Lancianese, Olive del Mezzadro, Oliva Tonda, Olivona and Olivone.

Features of the Cucco Olive Tree

Productivity: the variety of olive Cucco is late production and high productive capacity.

Regularity of bearing: Cucco is an olive variety of little regular production (vecera).

Flowering: The Cucco olive tree is a autoincopatible and early flowering variety. It emits a low amount of pollen. The ovarian abortion is high (50%). The varieties Castiglionese, Intosso, Dritta and Jannaro, have some incompatibility and are not suitable for pollination.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Cucco is of high vigor, open bearing and medium cup.

Leaf: The Cucco olive has the leaf of lanceolate form, of medium length and narrow width

Diseases: Cucco olive variety is resistant to cold, but sensitive to olive knot.

Multiplication: The Cucco plant is with low rooting capacity.

Cucco olive, morphological characteristics

Maturation: The Cucco olive variety is early maturation.

Size: The Cucco variety is of weight or large size (4 grams).

Shape: Cucco olive is ovoidal and slightly asymmetric.

Skin color: when ripe, the Cucco olive has wine-green-green color. It has many large and numerous lenticels. It is collected before reaching the black-violet color, to prevent the fall of olives to the ground.

Pulp: It has very good pulp / bone ratio (value close to 6), this characteristic together with its good fierceness, ovoidal shape and large size, make it an excellent variety for dressing in green or black.

Yield: Cucco olive has a medium-high yield (19%) of oil.

Collection: The Cucco olive tree has low resistance to detachment. Its low resistance to detachment, facilitates and advances harvesting, to prevent the natural fall of olives.

Uses: It is valid for both table olives and for olive oil.

Advantages: double aptitude.

High productivity

Disadvantages: You may have pollination problems.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cucco

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cucco, when collected early has a medium-intense fruity flavor, together with a medium level of bitterness and spicy.

Cucco olive oil, Monovarietal bottle, Cucco evoo, olive oil Extra Virgin Cucco, 500mlSensations: we can find aromas comparable to green almonds, olive leaves, tomatoes and artichokes.

Properties: Cucco olive oil is made up of a high percentage of oleic acid (76%) and has a very high amount of polyphenols (500).

Price: Cucco monovarietal olive oil can be found at prices between € 20 and € 40 / liter.


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