Dritta olive tree

Variety of olive tree DrittaDritta  olive tree is the Italian olive variety for oil production. The tree has good productive characteristics and facilitates the collection with agricultural machinery. The olive grove is widespread in the Italian region of Abruzzo, being a variety highly appreciated for its high rusticity, constant and high production.

Names or synonyms: The Dritta olive tree is also called: Loretana, Dolce San Felice, Moscufese, Lordana, Dritta di Loreto, Dritta di Moscufo and Moscufo.

Characteristics of the Dritta Olive Tree

Productivity: Dritta olive variety is precocious and high productivity.

Regularity of bearing: Dritta is a variety with constant productions.

Flowering: The Dritta olive tree is early flowering and its pollen is self-sterile. In addition, it has a low percentage of ovarian abortion. They are used as pollinators Leccino, Gentile di Chieti, Precoce, Nebbio and Moraiolo.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: the Dritta variety has medium vigor, is open bearing and has a medium density.

Sheet: Dritta has sheets of elliptical shape and medium size.

Diseases: the Dritta olive tree tolerates the cold well and the tuberculosis.

Dritta olive, morphological characteristics

Maturation: Dritta olive variety has early maturation.

Size: the Dritta olive tree produces olives of medium size (3 grams).

Shape: Dritta olive, has an elliptical and slightly asymmetrical shape .

Skin color: Dritta olive, matures with skin vinous red. It has abundant small and numerous lenticels.

Pulp: the fruit is of insufficient quality for dressing.

Yield: Dritta olive olives have a average yield.

Collection: The Dritta olive tree has low resistance to detachment. Therefore, this olive variety is considered, very good for mechanized harvesting.

Uses: the olives are destined for the mill (oil mill ), for the production of olive oil.

Advantages: of constant production and high productive capacity. Easy to pick up using agricultural machinery.

Disadvantages: the fat yield is medium.

Dritta Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Dritta Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is appreciated for its good quality. It has a level of medium-light fruity, which joins the spicy and bitter taste, of similar intensity (medium-light).

Virgin olive oil bottle Extra Dritta, Dritta evoo, 500ml Dritta olive oilSensations: highlights the smell of fresh almond, followed by lighter aromas of green grass and artichoke.

Properties: Dritta olive oil has an average percentage of linoleic acid (8%), high amount of oleic acid (74%) and In addition, it has a very high presence of polyphenols (550). With this data, the oxidation resistance has to be high.

Price: Dritta monovarietal olive oil can be found at prices of € 30-35 / liter.

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