Bianchera olive tree

Variety of olive tree Bianchera, Bianchera olive tree Bianchera olive tree is an olive variety of Slovenian origin. In Italy it is grown in the border areas with Slovenia (Trieste, the Istrian peninsula, Friuli-Venezia Giulia…). The olive groves of this variety stand out for the quality of the oil, high and constant productivity and good adaptation to the environment.

Names or synonyms: The Bianchera olive tree is also called: Bianca Istriana, Biancara, Biancaria, Zlahtna Belica and Belica.

Characteristics of the Bianchera Olive Tree

The Bianchera olive tree stands out for its good productive capacity and the high quality that its oils can achieve, high stability and excellent organoleptic characteristics.

Productivity: Bianchera is a variety of olives of high productivity and medium precocity.

Regularity of bearing: Bianchera is a variety of constant production (not very accurate).

Flowering: The Bianchera olive tree is early flowering and its pollen is partially self-fertile. The varieties of olive tree Pendolino and are used Maurino in pollination.

Vigor and bearing of the tree: Bianchera is high vigor, vertical bearing and high density cup.

Leaf: The Bianchera olive class has a leaf of long length, medium width and elliptic-lanceolate .

Diseases: Bianchera olive variety is considered rustic for its good response in limestone soils, with sea breeze, cold and strong pruning. The tree is tolerant to the ridge and the tuberculosis, however, the fruit is sensitive to fly and the Prays.

Bianchera olive, morphological characteristics

Maturation: the Bianchera olive variety has late maturation.

Size: the olives produced by the Bianchera olive tree are medium size (3 grams).

Shape: Bianchera olive has elliptical shape and slightly asymmetric.

Skin color: Bianchera olive, matures staggered, reaching the color vinous red. It has abundant numerous and small lenticels.

Pulp: of good quality for the olive oil production in oil mill.

Yield: Olives are harvested from the Bianchera olive tree with high yield (20%).

Collection: Bianchera has high resistance to shedding. Although the machinery can help in the collection, it is necessary to perform support braking, an aspect that increases the collection costs.

Uses: the Bianchera olive is used for the olive oil production, oils are obtained with a high presence of polyphenols and very good valuation

Advantages: high and costly productivity. Rustic variety, with good adaptability

Disadvantages: the olive comes off with difficulty.

Extra Virgin Bianchera olive oil

Bianchera  extra virgin olive oil, has a set of features that allow it to be classified as an oil of excellent quality. It is within the protected designation of origin (DOPTergeste.

Bottle of oil Extra Virgin Bianchera olive, Bianchera olive oilTaste: In the mouth, Bianchera oil highlights the presence of bitter and spicy, accompanied by a fruity flavor of medium-high intensity.
Highlights the aroma of olive leaf and green almond, with hints of artichoke and tomato.

Properties: Bianchera olive oil consists of a high percentage of oleic acid (76%) and has a very high amount of < strong>polyphenols (680).

Price: Bianchera monovarietal olive oil is priced between € 20 and € 150 / liter.

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