Cherries for sale

This week we start the cherries for sale through our online store.

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A project that I begin with great enthusiasm, like the construction of this website that already manages to exceed 1,000 daily visits

Our cherry trees

We grow varieties of cherry of excellent taste and quality. We take care of the vigor of our cherry trees to produce large caliber cherries. Farther, we prune, pay and treat the cherry trees at the right time to achieve excellence. I am sure that anyone who decides to try our cherries will make more than one purchase in our store.

Form and shipping period

Cherries for sale, Sale of cherries onlineShipments They will be held from Monday to Wednesday whenever the weather permits. We only ship through carriers with 24-hour delivery services.
Cherries are shipped in transport resistant boxes. In addition, we have performed successful tests with varieties of early cherry, enduring in good condition after 80 hours.
During these tests, it has been found that cherries dehydrate at a rate of 1% daily weight.

When can I place orders?

The website is open for ordering 24 hours from Monday to Sunday, provided we have cherry availability.

For transport contracting reasons, orders made on Wednesday may not be sent until Monday of the following week.

The cherries for sale directly to the consumer is a good way for the farmer to improve the viability of the cherry cultivation. For its part, the consumer has at its fingertips cherries of the highest quality, destined for export and which can hardly be obtained in national fruit shops.

Contact and promotional discount code

During the month of July 2018 the 10% discount code will be available when buying cherries:

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You can contact us for any questions or if you want to agree on a wholesale purchase of cherries.


We have translated the information on our website from Spanish to English. Note that some words may have seen their meaning altered during their translation.

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