100 Year old and ancient olive tree prices

Prices of centennial olive trees, sale of olive trees millennial, monumental olive trees, ancient olive tree priceDue to their beauty and exclusivity the 100 year old and ancient olive tree prices can be very high for certain monumental specimens.

The sale of centenary olive tree to be placed in roundabouts, roundabouts, parks and gardens is very common. The olive tree is a hard tree and very resistant to drought. This helps your transplant to be often successful, despite poor care and difficult environmental conditions.

Over the years, the branches of the olive trees go from being smooth to wrinkled, they curl up and the cords of sap intertwine.

The olive tree ( Olea Europea) is very long-lived and can live for thousands of years, perhaps for this reason olive oil is such a healthy product. In Spain, a large part of the ancient olive tree are found in the Spanish Levant. Regarding the cultivated olive varieties, the ancient olive groves of the Farga olive variety are among the most representative.

The price of millenary and centenary olive tree depends on their state of conservation and their size. The caliber of its trunk is used to estimate its age. The specimens for sale in nurseries usually range from just 40 centimeters to 3 meters from the oldest olive trees.

The largest thousand-year-old olive trees can reach 10 meters in perimeter and 3 meters in diameter. Olive trees with a perimeter of more than 3.5 meters and a diameter slightly greater than 1 meter are cataloged as monumental.

The price of handling and transport of ancient olive tree is expensive, the weight of these trees is several tons, the largest specimens being around 10 t.

Ancient olive tree prices

The price of the most valuable thousand-year-old  or Ancient olive trees exceeds 10,000 euros in origin and can multiply their value by 10, once placed in mansions and gardens of millionaires. In Spain there are several thousand copies of ancient olive trees, some of which are beginning to be protected. As the degree of protection increases and it becomes more difficult to buy ancient olive trees, it is logical that the prices of ancient olive trees will increase.

Price of centennial olive trees

With several million centennial olive trees present in Spanish olive groves, their price at origin is significantly lower, with values of more than 100 euros and come to more than 500 euros. As is logical, a hundred-year-old olive tree that is 100-200 years old does not have the same price as 300, 500, 700 or older.

These trees are especially used for decorating gazebos, parks, public gardens. At a private level, they are frequently used to decorate private gardens and urbanizations.

The selling prices of centenary olive trees once planted in their new location are usually around 400-1,000 euros. However, logically the quality of the tree, transport needs, volume planted and many other factors can significantly influence the final price.

In the case of centenary olive trees, their price depends significantly on the demand of the construction and public works sector.

The offer also undergoes variations influenced by the sale prices of olive oil. are unfeasible, forcing their uprooting and replacement by other more profitable crops.

When the supply of centennial olive trees exceeds the demand, the prices at origin drop and finally many centenary olive trees end up becoming firewood instead of enjoying a new location.
It must be taken into account that these trees can accumulate a large amount of wood that has a certain economic value as fuel.

Where to buy centuries-old olive trees?

In Spain we can find a significant number of companies where we can buy centuries-old olive trees. These buying and selling companies usually have their own equipment that allows them to uproot and plant the olive trees without causing considerable damage.

Is it good to buy centuries-old olive trees?

When buying centuries-old olive trees, it is important to know what happens when there is no demand for this kind of olive tree. With the increase in harvesting costs and the increase in the share of the most profitable super-intensive olive grove, the centennial traditional olive grove is becoming less and less viable This situation encourages many hundred-year-old olive groves to be abandoned or converted to other crops or younger and more profitable olive groves.

If there was no market demand for these trees, it is most probable that once the olive trees were uprooted from the land they would end up being dedicated to the production of firewood or timber. For this reason, it is most likely that when we bought a centenary olive tree we have given it a second chance. Our olive tree will be able to live and take root in a different environment.

Undoubtedly, in my opinion it is good that this market exists, in addition to saving these trees from an uncertain fate. It represents an interesting income for farmers who are forced to reconvert their olive groves.

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