How to make marinated olives?

In this article we will see how to make marinated olives in different ways (with vinegar, garlic, paprika, pepper, orange, oregano, thyme…). Once the harvest olives is done, it is necessary to remove them bitterness, before you start to marinate olives. It is also possible to directly buy olives in brine and marinate to our liking. Before … Read moreHow to make marinated olives?

How many cherries does a cherry tree produce?

In this publication, we will analyze how many cherries does a cherry tree produce in various growing conditions. A cherry tree can produce 0, 20, 50, 100, 400 kilos of cherries depending on the weather, terrain, care applied… Personally the most I have caught a cherry tree has been 400 kg . A huge cherry … Read moreHow many cherries does a cherry tree produce?

Hojiblanca vs Picual

After reading our publication abaut Hojiblanca vs Picual you will be able to choose more easily between these olive tree varieties. We have broken down the differences between the Hojiblanca and Picual olive oil, as well as the characteristics of Picual and Hojiblanca olive trees. The peculiarities of the different olive varieties (Picual, Hojiblanca, Cornicabra, Arbequina, Manzanilla…). … Read moreHojiblanca vs Picual

Cherry chill hours

Cherry chill hours requirements vary significantly between the different cherry tree varieties. Deciduous fruit trees require a rest period during winter. This phase is called chill accumulation requirements or needs. These requirements are the result of the climatic adaptation of the different fruit species to their environment. Breaking the sleep depends on the accumulation of … Read moreCherry chill hours

Cherry color: White, Bicolor, Red, Garnet, Blackish…

The different cherry color shades provide information on the optimal state of maturation of a given cherry variety. There are color charts like those usually used to select the cherry color of the hair dye, decoration, paint… The usual thing when we think of the cherry color, is that reddish tones come to mind. Although … Read moreCherry color: White, Bicolor, Red, Garnet, Blackish…

Royal Hazel cherry tree

Royal Hazel cherry tree is a variety obtained in the United States. Specifically, by the Zaiger’s Inc Genetics research station located in Modesto, California. The patent application for Royal Hazelwas filed in the United States on June 26 December 2007 In the European Union, the patent is valid until December 31, 2046. Curiosities: It comes … Read moreRoyal Hazel cherry tree

Starblush cherry

Starblush cherry is a variety obtained by the Summerland research station, located in Canada. His study number is 17 73 CS. The registration application was approved in 2016 under the name SPC 207. Patent rights are valid until 2046. Curiosities: The commercial name of this cherry variety“Starblush“is fruit of the union of the English words … Read moreStarblush cherry

SPC 342 Cherry

The SPC 342 cherry is a variety obtained by the Summerland research station (Canada). Also known as SUMS 342CH and with reference during its study 23 151 CSP. On December 7, 2012, the patent application was accepted in the EU, being fully applicable as of this date. The publisher with patent permits in Europe is IPS. In … Read moreSPC 342 Cherry

Sabrina cherry

Sabrina cherry tree variety, was obtained from the Summerland research station (Canada). The reference codes used during the different phases of obtaining are 2N 03-14 and 18 78 CSI. In 2005 he made the application for registration in the EU, using the name SUMN314CH. On April 18, 2011, the patent application was accepted, effective until 2041. … Read moreSabrina cherry

Royal Helen cherry

The Royal Helen cherry is a strain obtained by the Zaiger’s Inc Genetics research station located in Modesto, California. The patent application for Royal Helen was filed in the United States on 1 July 2008. The variety is the result of a seed obtained from crossing Bing with Royal Dawn. Curiosities: Being a variety of … Read moreRoyal Helen cherry

Cherry (fruit, plant, tree, properties, price…)

The cherry is an attractive and exquisite-tasting fruit. It is one of the first fruits of season. In Spain, production starts in April, although we can buy cherries of Spanish origin until August. Benefits and properties of cherry Each fruit has different characteristics and chemical composition. In particular, the properties of cherryhave proven beneficial or … Read moreCherry (fruit, plant, tree, properties, price…)

Palpita unionalis (olive leaf moth)

The olive leaf moth (Palpita unionalis Hübner, 1796), is a lepidoptera cataloged within the secondary pests of the olive tree (Euzophera, Borer, Bud Mite, violet scale, Otiorrinco, Ceramida…) The damage of olive leaf moth is due to the fact that it feeds during its larval state from the tender shoots of the olive. Characteristics of the … Read morePalpita unionalis (olive leaf moth)

Pseudocercospora cladosporioides (olive leaf spot)

The olive leaf spot, also known as leaded olive is caused by the fungus ( Pseudocercospora cladosporioides Braun 1993). It affects the vigor of the olive tree by damaging the leaves and causing its premature fall to the ground. The most accepted name of the fungus causing olive leaf spot is Pseudocercospora cladosporioides. However, publications with … Read morePseudocercospora cladosporioides (olive leaf spot)

Olive rot

Various fungi cause olive rot, the best known for their incidence are the soapy olive ( Colletotrichum), Leprosy (Phlyctema wanderer) and the olive fruit root (Dalmatian Sphaeropsis). Other fungi that are considered secondary pathogens and even fungi saprophytes penetrate the olives that have been damaged. Spreading fungi reduces fatty performance and get worse the quality of … Read moreOlive rot

Olive leprosy (Phlyctema vagabunda)

The olive leprosy is caused by infections of the fungus Phlyctema vagabunda (Previously known as Gloeosporium olivae Foschi, 1955). This pest is of a secondary nature and is usually controlled by fungicidal applications that are made to control the olive peacock spot. There are ​​pests of greater economic impact on which the farmer should focus … Read moreOlive leprosy (Phlyctema vagabunda)